Yokohama uses orange oil in the design of its tires!

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In recent years, tire manufacturers are participating in a cockfight adopting practices with the least ecological footprint. We often see press releases written by those manufacturers, but in reality, their concrete actions are rather limited. Yokohama, the Japanese tire manufacturer, decided to change their method for making using an orange oil. Great, is not it?

Orange oil is known as one of the stickiest natural substances in the world. For the manufacture, extract oil directly from its peel. then binds the oil with natural and synthetic rubber tire to improve its service life, its energetics efficiency and handling.

Following the tests realized by the manufacturer, no other process only succeeds to match the performance of the orange oil. In addition, this natural oil replaces petroleum, that Yokohama will not fail to recall.

Yokohama has nine tire models crees among others with orange oil. From sports cars to minivans, we can equip his car more natural tires with low environmental footprint, and that, in both winter and summer.

That being said, two questions come in mind. First, is that when they are hot, the tires made from orange oil-based citrus feel? Then how many tires can be manufactured with the zest of Orange Julep in Montreal? If you can respond to one or another of my questions, do not hesitate to react! We are dealing with two existential questions …

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