You guessed it, change tires on March 16 is dangerous!

We had a massive storm in March 2017. The bulk of the winter, at least in the Montreal region.

This storm coincides with the date when, on 16 March, the Government of Quebec makes it possible for us to take off our winter tires, to place our summer time tires. For these who are not specific of the date on which it is mandatory to have them installed is 15 December.

It was agreed that these dates do not represent the reality! What is the usefulness of winter tires? Procure adherence when roads are cold, and when the rain falls as snow, or worse, ice. These circumstances subviennent generally ahead of December 15, effectively right after March 16th.

We really should alter for November 15 and April 16.

You nonetheless have to place your summer time tires
The Quebec is the only province that needs its drivers to have winter tires. It is surprising but correct.

Prior to this law, a lot of folks changed their tires, but a lot of folks entrusted their lives has 4 seasons with typical efficiency tires.

Considering the fact that the law needs us to

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