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Airbag, ABS, brake light: The Bicycle industry is increasingly taking on technology from the car industry – not only in the case of E-Bikes. An Overview.


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Stefan Born White

Sunday, 11.11.2018
At 07:43

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Technology that was formerly reserved for the car that comes on the bike. Manufacturers integrate components such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), tire pressure sensors or remote light in the wheels. The result is that in the industry more vehicles and more bicycles is spoken.

Companies which devoted themselves mainly to the Auto, extend your field of business. Bosch and Continental, the world’s largest automotive suppliers, now produce in a large scale engines for the growing electric bike market. Also, Schaeffler is experimenting with E-Bikes.

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This car technology there is for bicycles

Many of the new features and Gimmicks have to do with the E-Bike Boom. More wheels have a battery on Board. The serves not only the drive, but can also be used for other purposes is tapped. But also non-electrified bikes with automatic Circuits, taghellem light or distance radar, increasingly, to high-tech product, such as the Overview shows.

Lighting: car headlights illuminate with Xenon, LED or laser light is much brighter than in the past – a similar Trend is the bike to watch. There are even remote light. Once opened, achieved, for example, for S-Pedelecs approved Topscheinwerfer the manufacturer’s Supernova, up to 1600 lumens of light power – more than some of the halogen headlights on the car.

In addition, the headlamp has a Sensor-controlled daytime running lights: “The switchover between daytime running light and low beam is done automatically, such as when you are driving in a Tunnel,” says a Supernova speaker. For its “most powerful E-Bike-headlight in the world” requires a Supernova whopping 449 Euro. In the coming spring, also a competitor Busch & Müller brings out a headlight with high beam function. But also the most powerful rechargeable headlight for a normal bike, in the meantime, add a free call with up to 1150 lumens brighter than the old Car.

The back light does also. So far, the brake light function to respond sluggishly, if the Tempo decreases, or the hub Dynamo is reporting a lower speed. The first “real” brake light of a Supernova to speak thanks to an electrical signal generator abruptly. Is dependent also on the supply of energy from the S-Pedelec battery.

Automatic transmission: The gear shift to automation. The rear hub gear Enviolo (formerly NuVinci) with a planetary gear works continuously. Enviolo promises total freedom from maintenance. “A useful development”, Stephan Behrendt, technology speaker at the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC): “In connection with an E-Bike Central motor, you can set a cadence – this is then held constant.”

Also, the Rohloff has a semi-automatic circuit in the offer. For this purpose, the German manufacturer of electrified his 14-speed hub. Now the cyclists can not only change quickly electric the Translation, but also as a driving gear. In this, the circuit changes as soon as the bike comes to a standstill – for example at traffic lights.

Also Pinion, a producer of high-quality bottom bracket circuits, copied in the Car industry: The developer, and the founder of the company met ten years ago at Porsche. They thought together about how a car transmission can zoom out to make it for the bike usable. Out a spur gear, the more switches in a linear – response overlap, as in the case of chain circuits with a front derailleur, there are has come.

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Bicycle ABS:
Stuttering to a safe and

Anti-lock braking system: ABS for the first time in 1966, to have – in the British sports car, Jensen FF. Since 2004, the technology is in the cars Standard. Now there is ABS for the bike from Bosch specially for E-Bikes. “When the front wheel ABS wheel speed sensors monitor the speed of both wheels,” says Claus Fleischer, head of the E-Bike division. The System is intended to prevent Flashovers, if the driver brakes in the front too hard. As soon as the front wheel threatens to block, the ABS, the brake pressure faster than any driver.

Airbag: As a scarf around the neck to carry cyclists to the Bicycle Airbag for the Swedish company Hövding. In the case of a collision, the air bag unfolds in a fraction of a second and wraps protectively to the head of the cyclist.

Distance radar: Garmin offers a distance radar, to the seatpost fits in. The device detects cars in the back of the cyclist up to a distance of 140 meters. The closer a vehicle gets, the brighter the radar unit emits light to the rear – it also acts as a rear light. At the same time, the System warns the cyclist visually and acoustically.

Head-up Display: With the USEE, the company Momes a Head-up Display is presented. The nearly 20-gram portion is mounted to the Bicycle helmet. In the field of view of the cyclist, it indicates the Navi, drive, or fitness of the data. So cyclists need to take the views of the more rare of the roadway. Cost: 129 euros – plus helmet that needs to be upgraded.

Tire pressure monitoring system: Since 2014 is the technology in new cars compulsory, now you also have the Bicycle to enter. So there is now the “Tyrewiz”. The coin-sized component of the US brand, the Remodeled acts on the valve as an air pressure sensor. From there, it sparks a permanent measurement data to a bike computer, Smartwatch, or Smartphone, as long as the battery holds 300 hours are promised. “This is something for Nerds,” admits Bicycle technology expert David Koßmann. The cyclist attacks thanks to the 259 Euro expensive device more often to the pump, decreases the wear and tear on the tires, the cornering will be safer, and To waste less energy, is one of ADFC expert Stephan Behrendt, the benefits of regular Pumping.

Suspension: a kind of adaptive suspension on the bike already. Specialist Rock Shox presented a few years ago, now a competitor Fox from California brings out for 2019, the System is Live Valve for mountain bikes, electronic suspension system the extra class. Sensors on the front fork and rear swingarm perceive beats, processed by a Software and the chassis adjusts in fractions of a second. An electromagnetic valve controlling the Flow of oil between chambers in the damper, explained kossmann. The Sensor is preparing the fork the rear end on bumps. Even jumps will recognize the Sensors and then open the valve for maximum spring travel during the landing. The transfer of technology from four to two wheels means the chassis has a particularly powerful charge. So alone, the new Rock Shox suspension will cost 2000 Euro.

Electricity: The power supply is a great desire of cyclists to become – even if you are not a Pedelec drive, and only a Smartphone download want, the you like a Navi in the car, as a signpost on the Handlebars. Bike manufacturer Tout Terrain, for example, a USB-mounted socket above the control tube centrally on the Handlebars. It feeds from the hub Dynamo. Also aftermarket solutions are for around 60 Euro on the market, for a change, almost a bargain.

Accessories as cost trap?

The new systems are often expensive, but cyclists are generally willing to put more money on the table. The average price for a new bike or Pedelec has increased from an average of 513 euros in 2012 to 698 euros in the past year, has identified the two-Wheeler industry Association. This increase in the Boom of the more expensive E-Bikes is reflected in addition to more expensive components.

What must cyclists, art lovers concern, however Electronic components are fragile and vertrügen the influence of the weather is far less than just a frame, Handlebars, and tires – what repairs do more likely, says the ADFC Behrendt-man. “The more it is, the more can go break something.” A Parallel to the car.

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