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Stevens Super Flight is a city bike for maintenance of the muffle. The tradition of bike scores with its excellent technology and the North German Understatement – to find outside of the deep level but soon its limits.


Stefan Weißenborn

Stefan Born White

Sunday, 02.12.2018
At 08:32

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The first impression: Black and inconspicuous. Somehow simple – and so it goes. This is supposed to be a compliment.

Says the manufacturer: The Super Flight “is for people who like to ride a bike and to worry about any thing want to,” says Carsten Schabacher from the Hamburg-based bike manufacturer Stevens, of the bike at the top of the city bike-price-list. “I would have a ambiguous advertising message write, you would be Cycling ‘Easy’.” The bike, the men’s and women’s version, is extremely simple and low-maintenance, and suitable also for longer weekend tours.

Schabacher. The disc brakes are effective even when wet, pad change is rarely necessary. The Elfgang hub: high development, if it has to go to work quickly, but far less in need of care as a chain circuit. And you could not install, since in the Super Flight, a carbon belt for the power transmission is mounted, the maintenance of the muffle is also love. Once calibrated, it holds tens of thousands of kilometers. “A chain should be changed after 3000 miles,” says Schabacher.

The we noticed: The Super Flight can withstand shocks. We roll along a street, nothing rattles, in spite of various add-on parts. Including the stand, the sub-strut-reinforced Luggage carrier, the shape beautiful ring bell and as usual Schepper-Suspect plates and the protective. But keep as still as the Alfine-circuit, the belt drive or the discreetly profiled tires. With other words: We are silent on the road, with almost no resistance, you hear us not. And we are chasing a ball game boys that can’t hear us coming, a scare in what was the only acknowledged with a terse “crass”.

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Stevens Super Flight:
Bike with a built-in Service

Because we also travel with a bright Busch&Müller headlights of 70 Lux, is not classified to the guy in the vehicle as a Bicycle, but as something Greater. The spotlight turns on by itself and is so highly luminous, that already during the approach of dusk, the traffic signs reflect.

The Super Flight is not eye-catching. According to the Schabacher it is painted “the North German colorful”, so in one of the Black-and-gray-increments of Stevens, in our case, the “Velvet Black”. Thus, it is inconspicuous, which, given the theft rate in cities is an advantage. On closer examination, this proves to be 13.5 pounds rather light and the overall impression is simply designed wheel as a finely designed: The seat tube is slightly conical. Top and down tube, taper to the rear and below, which gives the wheel style. It scores more with Understatement and far from stressed to get cool.

But according to the Super Flight can be, because the hydraulic disc brakes squeak sometimes, just before you come to a stop. Speaking of the stand: The stand, the rear stand is solid and holds the bike on loose ground. But he is so clunky, that it remains when the pedal is lose depending on the Shoe size of the sole. Is fast, is the lack of heel freedom of a security risk.

The must know: Stevens’ in 1899, Euro, expensive, and fully equipped city bike also has the long distance qualities, but a veritable touring bike it is not. Because of a lot of Luggage with must times, fails the weight limit of 25 kg maximum permissible payload of the Luggage carrier. Also, the permissible total weight is travel wheels higher. You drive because of the better welding properties with a steel frame instead – such as the Stevens – with aluminium frame. To do this, you have. muscle power-saving gears, the Shimano hub does not offer Similarly, the wheelbase for improved straight-line stability is often longer on the road more than in the city. The shorter Super Flight shows itself all the more agile.

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The suspension comfort is in order, although Stevens has deliberately dispensed with a spring fork, which would have to be maintained regularly. Up to 47 mm wide tyres to increase when needed the comfort on uneven tracks. However, if you have a flat tire on rear, is the repair due to the carbon belt compared to the chain fiddly. The voltage must be higher so that later, the teeth to skip, and it must be precisely set. There is also a Smartphone App that works as a tuning device for stringed instruments. The App measures the frequency, as soon as you pluck the belt like a guitar string. The Sound is not right, still needs to be readjusted.

What do not need to take care of the driver: Because the carbon belt does not open as a chain, requires a complicated frame structure with a frame lock. It is raised for the first time or replaced, you must open the frame, what you put that on a specialist workshop. Important: the “chain blade to the front and pinion in the rear will be exactly on the same line. Otherwise, the belt is one-sided, under-voltage, which makes him more likely to tear,” says Carsten Schabacher.

We remember: normal Cycle and the high-tech components must not be excluded – it takes only a bit of North German Stained for camouflage. Oh, Yes: the wasted pant legs-lubricated thanks to the belt drive of the past.

Data Sheet Stevens Super Flight

Manufacturer: Stevens
Type: City Bike
Purpose Of Use: Commuting, City Traffic
Circuit: Elfgang hub with carbon belt

Weight: 13.5 Kg
The maximum permissible system weight: 130 kg
Price: 1899 Euro

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