Aschaffenburg offers transportation one day per week for free

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The North Bavarian town of Aschaffenburg is a leading free public transport – but only on one day in the week. Should not only benefit the passengers.

Just in time for the Start of the Christmas business, the lower Franconian town of Aschaffenburg wants to attract more people to Bus and train – free rides on Saturdays. From the first advent weekend the action starts, it runs initially for two years.

The transport companies of the 70,000 inhabitants of the city to expect a loss of revenue in the amount of about Euro 285,000 per year. This should be compensated with funds from the city budget. A Ticket passengers are in need of, however, nevertheless, The ticket is free of charge, but should allow for an easier settlement of the compensation payment to the transport companies.

Here, Bus and rail travel on the cheapest:

“With this offer we want to inspire as many citizens as possible, to use public transport and to work together to ensure that the air in Aschaffenburg is better,” said the head of the Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg, Dieter Gerlach. At the same time, the measure should help the retail, gastronomy and culture in the city to more customers and audience. The free Ticket is valid from the 1. December in all parts of the city, in city – and regional buses as well as trains between Aschaffenburg main station and the district of Obernau.

Free experiments in other cities

The discussion on free public transport as a means of combating air pollution in Germany in this year’s journey. In February, several Federal Ministers had proposed such a measure for the exhaust gas polluted cities. So they reaped, however, also a lot of criticism – was for municipalities to expensive and not take the environment enough.

However, this year multiple cities for free tickets. The transport companies in Tübingen and certificates of demand since February, on Saturdays, also not suitable for driving. In Rostock, students travel for free. In Templin, Brandenburg, was driving a bus was for some time free of charge. Meanwhile, the transport company demanded a very low annual fee.


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