Aston Martin Valkyrie : first official images

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Here is the Aston Martin Valkyrie final. Without doubt one of the series cars the most extreme that we have been able to see.

Shortly after the leak of a photo, Aston Martin finally decides to reveal the first official images of its new hypercar Valkyrie. And it remains very close to the original concept !

Last month, we had already been able to see a picture of the new Valkyrie Aston Martin. If this leak seemed to a priori, involuntary, the british firm has held, however, that it was time for us to show off his new hypercar in a formal manner. It is as well that we have right now three new images of the final model, including a cabin.

As we had already been able to see, the car remains very similar to the concept presented in Geneva in 2017, and retains the same proportions. We also note little change, outside of the new wheels, the design very original. There is some characteristic details, such as the openings behind the front wings, which allow you to see the triangles of the suspension, such as on a single-seater.

We can notice the new paint, which presents a gradient from very light blue to navy blue and is perfectly value the curves of the car. It should without doubt be available on the standard model, not to mention that the few buyers of this model (one hundred copies only is provided) should no doubt be able to customize it as seemeth them good.


A driving position of the F1

Inside, the atmosphere of the race remains, and the carbon seemed to cover every square inch of this interior. The shape of the seats indicates to us that the driver and passenger will have a position to very elongate, with the legs located above the basin, like in an F1 car. We can also note that the screen positioned on the steering wheel, while the rear view will be via cameras and screens are placed on the ends of the dashboard.

The brand has, however, revealed no new information on the technical plan. It will therefore still be patient, before you know if this Valkyrie will be able to keep the weight to power ratio of 1 (about 1 000 ch 1, 000 kg) initially announced.


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