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With the new 8-seater BMW sharpens it for a long time to be sporty Image: The car is designed to attack full-throttle-icons like the Porsche 911. Can this be done?


BMW AG / Daniel Kraus

Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Thursday, 25.10.2018
04:28 PM

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The first impression: Flat, wide, nasty – the big coupe is more provocative than pretentious.

Says the manufacturer: Finally, a dream car. If Carsten Groeber speaks about the new coupe , the marketing Director for the luxury class from Munich to rave about. For cars with an “8” in the types of characters had been at BMW, says Groeber with views of the Z8 and the first 8-seater Coupé. The new model, the first BMW 8er of the new Millennium, looks Groeber, however, primarily as a sports car. Consequently, the coupe from BMW competes perspective, less with the two-door S-class from Mercedes or the Porsche Panamera than with the AMG GT and the Porsche 911. Not in vain the young was celebrated long-distance journey of the production model in the run-up to the 24-hour race of Le Mans. Therefore, a so-called M-Performance model with immoral 530 HP is the same from the Start, in the offer. Nevertheless, Groeber know that you must not overdo the matter with the spirit of sport, and the car will rarely be encountered on a race track. Therefore, he prefers to speak from the Gentleman’s Racer and justified, so also all the luxury, the BMW in the car has Packed up.

The we noticed: The flat, aggressive front fascia, bulging wheel arches, the continuous width of the tail, no matter from which perspective the 8’s look, he already looks in a hell of fast. Hardly behind the wheel, about to push the driver, only the start button and step on the Gas. Rarely, a BMW has a way and prodded like this, for the last Time maybe the sports coupe M2.

Photo gallery

Autograph BMW 8er:
The Noble Speedster

The 8 not – disappointed, even when Driving, at least if you are sitting in the M850i, the Bayern back-up to their debut in the focus. Because the coupe is not available with 530 HP of power and 750 Nm of torque, only on the Straight fast. For a car of almost five meters in length and almost two tons in weight, the 8 feels in the curves, is surprisingly handy and light-footed. For the developers this meant a huge challenge. They have developed a four-wheel drive, transmitting the power – whenever appropriate – to the rear. The electronics controls the rear axle in extreme driving situations, so that the curve outer wheel receives more torque, and the car around the corner presses. The rear axle steering effects, that the 8 is in the chasing curves almost as agile as a 4, literally, on the road sucks and the road to pleasure mile.

The 8 can, however, comfortable and enjoyable. Then it is a cloud-soft configuration for the suspension, a comfortable, air-conditioned armchairs and a high-tech equipment that offers a fully connected Infotainment System with voice control is also an army of assistants. With the 8, the Autonomous Driving as close as allowed to the legislature – even if, in this car really in no mood to let the steering Wheel out of your Hand.

Take a look in the interior of the BMW 8 – with our 360-degree photo:

Because of the 8 but must strike a balance between luxury and performance, is he in any direction so consistently. For a real sports car, he is too big, too heavy and, in principle, also a bit too cozy. Finally, passion has to do a little bit of what to do with Suffering. In addition, 250 km/h speed limit is simply too little, if you really want to compete with nine-eleven & co.. And for a real luxury liner, for example, the V12 engine of the old 8ers or the current S-class and, above all, a bit of extravagance to the interior missing from the car. We are reminded in spite of all the Finesse of banal models of the new X5.

The need to know: the sale of The 8ers begins at the end of November – with only two engine variants, both with all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic. The base model for smooth 100,000 euros is the 840d xDrive with a 320 HP six-cylinder in-line Diesel with three liters of displacement, accelerates in 4.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, 250 cases, and in the Mediterranean 6.1 liters consumed. For 25.700 euros more there are the here tested M850i with the 4.4-Liter V8 engine that allows himself to the test of 9.7 liters. Who is still too weak and too slow, you can look forward to a M8 with an estimated 650 HP and more than 300 km/h top. Anyone looking for a reasonable Alternative, the BMW provides a 840i with 340 HP strong six-cylinder engine in view, it is also used as a rear-wheel drive and then for less than 100,000 euros. A Version with a V12 engine as the Plug is, however, just-in-Hybrid-drive 5-series or 7-series, both of which would fit on the platform.

We will not forget How unfair the world is, even in the luxury class. Because while you will feel in the front Seats, like in a gym with a large Spa, is the back seat of a disgrace. The entry only serpent people to succeed. In the case of practically all the age of six, behind, scratching your head or knee on the console or in the head and knee. However, there is relief in sight: For more headroom, a convertible and a lighter access in the rear later in the year, 2019, the four-door Gran coupe arrives in the spring.

Vehicle registration certificate


M 850i


V8-Turbo Diesel-Direct Injection

Eight-Speed Automatic

All-wheel drive

4,395 CC

530 HP (390 kW)

750 Nm

From 0 to 100:
3.7 s

Maximum speed:
250 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
9.7 liters

CO2 emissions:
221 g/km

420 litre

1.890 kg

4851 / 1902 / 1346

20 (HP) / 31 (TK) / 28 (UK)

125.700 GBP

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