Audi Q3 (2018) : first impressions on the new Q3

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The Audi Q3, the second generation will be marketed in the fall of 2018.

Launched in 2011, the Audi Q3 lacks a bit of space on board and its modularity is limited. His replacement will correct both of these defects, in the fall. It will also focus on the style and technology. Everything, the new Q3 ?

Audi presents the second generation of the Q3. The compact SUV will be marketed in November 2018. He grew up a few inches and reached 4.49 from mr. This size is most impressive and leaves more room in the range to its little brother theAudi Q2 (4,19 m). And this without walking on the beds of theAudi Q5 (4,66 m). The offer SUV Audi won in consistency.


MQB platform for the new Q3

The new Q3 has a length of 4.49 m, it is 10 cm longer than the current model.

The new Audi Q3 takes up the technical basis of the Volkswagen Tiguan (modular platform MQB) which has a length exactly the same. The result is a convergence of structural between the Audi and the Volkswagen. Has the image of the opening of the trunk that becomes more classic.

She drops the tailgate autoclave, that is to say, with a return on the sides. It is less original and this sets it apart from its big brothers, Q5 and Q7. But, in the end, the Q3 wins since the opening of the trunk is now wider.


More personality to the Q3 look sharp and the front grille octagonal give the look to the new Q3.

The new Q3 boasts a style that is more manly and incorporates a grille octagonal embossed, the image of the one of the Audi Q8 which covers now the range SUV. The headlights have edges more sharp.

Three types of projectors are offered with, as a culmination, the technology Matrix LED. The body is very finely worked with subtle pleats on the top of the wings that bring sportiness and elegance. Ended the era of Russian dolls for the SUV Audi, and it is so much better !

Long live the digital The new Q3 update on the digital

On board, the instrumentation is logically placed in the digital. The Virtual Cockpit, slab 12.3-inch (31,24 cm) diagonally opposite the driver. It is accompanied, at the centre of the dashboard, a touch screen with a diagonal of 10 inches (25.4 cm). This screen is identical to that which equips the limousine Audi A8.


The Q3 update also on customization with elements in Alcantara. The dashboard is organized on two levels.

But this configuration is the versions the most exclusive of the new Q3. The input range of the Q3 will have to settle for an instrumentation of 10.25 inches and a touch screen of 8.8 inches. The interface of the air-conditioning is also digital. In addition to the appearance of high-tech, the new Q3 update on the customization. Alcantara and chrome adorn the dashboard and against the doors. The new Q3 earns, and actually standing.

A Q3 more autonomous

The new Q3 features numerous driving aids such as cruise control active, helps maintain in the way, and the pedestrian detection. The parking aid and 360 degree vision will also be appreciated.

Audi Q3 first-generation Audi Q3 and second-generation


Back seat more inviting

The increase in the Q3 (+8 cm at the level of the wheelbase) brings logically from the ease to the rear seats. It is more spacious than the current model, and also more flexible.

Records bow to seven positions, and are split according to a splitting 40/20/40. In addition, the Q3 can count on a sofa sliding on an amplitude of 15 cm.

“The Audi Q3 2018 has a sofa sliding on a 15 cm, a piece of equipment worthy of the ” Q5“

A piece of equipment worthy of the Audi Q5, which varies the capacity of the trunk 530 to 675 litres in five-seat under the parcel shelf.


The volume of the trunk of the Audi Q3 varies from 530 to 675 litres in 5-seater. The total capacity is of 1 525 litres when the backrests are folded down.

The volume loading reached 1 525 litres when the backrests are folded down. For memory, the current Q3 is limited to 463 litres, in 5-seater and, to 1 365 litres, in 2 places. In addition, the trunk floor is moveable on three levels and there is space for storage below the shelf cargo cover. It is very practical.

Engines from 150 to 230 hp

At launch, the Audi Q3 will offer three gasoline engines, Q3 35 TFSI (150 hp and 250 Nm), Q3 40 TFSI (190 hp and 320 Nm) and Q3 45 TFSI (230 hp and 350 Nm) and a block diesel, Q3 35 TDI (150 hp and 340 Nm). A diesel engine of 190 hp will complete later the offer (Audi Q3 40 TDI). It will take time to get used to this new nomenclature !

Transmission side, the Q3 35 TFSI comes with a robotic gearbox with double clutch S tronic 7-speed and two-wheel drive, transmission, 6-speed manual will be offered later. The Q3 40 TFSI and 45 TFSI generalize the all-wheel drive quattro and the S tronic 7. Finally, the Audi Q3 35 TDI comes with a manual transmission and 4×4. It will then be possible to opt for a version 4×2 coupled with the S tronic.

Balance sheet Audi Q3 2018 Audi Q3 wins in sportiness and elegance

Audi has repositioned apparel Q3, half-way between the urban Audi Q2 and the family of the Audi Q5. This new Q3 wins in the versatility technology as a customization. He no longer fears the competition of the BMW X1, Mercedes GLand the Volvo XC40.


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