Audi Q7 restyled (2019) : the SUV Audi gets a makeover

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The Audi Q7, here in version SQ7, arrives in mid-career. It will therefore benefit from developments in aesthetic but also in technology. It will arrive on the market in 2019.

The Audi Q7 and its sports version SQ7 will go through the box restyling. The style will evolve smoothly and new technologies should make their appearance.

The second generation of the large SUV from Audi, the Q7, is on the market from June 2015. It is therefore time that he has had a update.

Saga on Spanish roads, the ” new ” Q7 is in the development stage. The camouflage placed at the base of the door suggests that the element that makes the join between the sills and the doors should be changed. The upper part of the grille will be more beveled, the optical will also be made to better marry her. The Q7 will be more close of the latest SUV Audi, such as the Q3 and the Q8. The lower part of the shield should evolve also. At the rear, the changes are likely to be more subtle

Audi Q7 restyled (2019)


The version SQ7 will not be sidelined and will also benefit from cosmetic changes. The four tailpipes are still in the game, but in a different shape : oval, rather than trapezoidal.

The chapter of the technology, the Q7 will benefit certainly for the equipment of the A8. Thus, one could find screens indoor, high resolution, and especially architecture, 48V, reserved for the time in SQ7. Thus, the version 45 TDI (231 hp) and 50 TDI (286 hp) would benefit from an alternator-starter coupled to a lithium-ion battery with an energy recovery system and a Stop&Start advanced.

Audi SQ7 restyled (2019)

The Q7 restyled to be launched in 2019. The presentation of the version SQ7 is scheduled for fall 2019 for a launch in the first quarter of 2020.

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