Audi R8 (2019). Info and official photos of the restyled version

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The inflation of power does not stop. With 570 hp, the Audi R8 can wait quietly the arrival of the new Porsche 911.

At Audi, even sporting the more sharp pass through the box restyling. The R8 submits to the new standards, anti-pollution and take advantage of the opportunity to gain a few horses, and in cosmetic changes of detail.

It is a fact, the R8 restyled no démodera not the old model. However, the magnifying glass is not necessary to distinguish between them : a simple glance at the grille revealed a clear enlargement and especially the disappearance of the surrounding chrome. We especially note the new scoops triangular that come to nest in the wing-tip before. The profile did not change but the supply of wheels is renewed, while at the rear, note the exhausts oval unpublished and the grid honeycomb now in one piece.

Seen close up in the studios of the mark, these developments appear to be more convincing and less aggressive than in the picture. In the cabin the changes are minimal, since they are confined to a new choice of upholstery. The atmosphere is, however, very exclusive, and the taste of the day, even if the R8 has not yet passed to the logical screen of the recently adopted by the brand.


Up to 620 hp !

In order to meet the new standards, anti-pollution, the V10 has been modified to accommodate a particulate filter, now necessary on gasoline engines. The opportunity was too good to win a few horses, obtained by modifying significantly the distribution. According to the engineers that we have interviewed, the exhaust valves have been enlarged, and everything has been done to reduce the loss of friction. As far as we could judge, the sound at idle doesn’t seem to suffer too much from the arrival of the filter. It is true that the aspirated V10 is the margin if we compare it to the last of the supercharged engines a little aphones of the competitor Porsche.

All of these modifications results in a mass between 15 kg and 20 kg but the results are substantial. The R8 V10 quattro (note the appearance of the suffix quattro) gains 30 hp and 10 Nm of torque. With 570 hp and 550 Nm, it demolishes the 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds (3.5-inch on the roadster). The most powerful model abandons the appellation “Plus” in favor of “Performance” and won for the occasion 10 hp and 20 Nm, or a total of 620 hp and 560 Nm time 0 to 100 km/h happens to be 3.1 seconds for the coupe and 3.2 on the roadster. It should be noted that the version of RWS two-wheel-drive will not be renewed.

A chassis that is sharper

Not only the R8 will be more powerful, but it adopts many of the changes on the dynamic part, starting with a stability control system fully recalibrated. What win 1.5 m braking from 100 to 0 km/h and 5 m from 200 km/h.

The arrival of new tyres Michelin Cup on his monte, 20-inch is expected to further improve its grip. The laws of the amortization driven have been modified in the sense of a greater gap between the different driving modes, while the variable-assist steering has been revised, in particular to improve high-speed stability. It should finally be noted that the R8 will for the first time as an option a stabilizer bar aluminum and carbon fiber. Anything to reduce unsprung weight by approximately 2 kg, which will, without doubt, a great satisfaction to the customers with the most athletes. The new R8 will be marketed in the first quarter of 2019. The rates are not yet known.


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