Aurus Senate : the limousine of Vladimir Putin presented Moscow

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No, this is not a Rolls-Royce, but the new Aurus Senate.

The Moscow motor show is the occasion for the brand new Russian Aurus to present the civil version of his limousine Senate. It has the ambition of moving closer to Rolls-Royce current in terms of style, but also luxury.

While the Russian elites were generally converted to limousines, German and English since the fall of the USSR, Putin has sought to boost production of real luxury cars ” made in Russia “, with the brand Aurus and his limousine Senate. It would also be largely funded by the Russian state.

The car used by Putin to his inauguration.

We had already been able to get a first glimpse of this new car, at the investiture ceremony of Vladimir Putin last may. The Senate had appeared in an extended version, especially prepared for the head of state, including appropriate shielding. This car weighed seven tons, with rear doors that were only 300 kg each.

The Senate unveiled today at the Moscow motor show is the civil version of this limousine. She, however, retains dimensions which place it at the top of the current production, with 5,63 m long, or even to 6.63 m in its variant wheelbase lengthened.


Rolls-royce to the slavic accent

The style is clearly inspired by references of the genre and, in particular, of the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The silhouette profile, as well as the imposing front grille seem to be so very close to those of the icon british.

Inside, the presentation was neat and closer to the references of the category, with wood paneling on the dashboard or the contreportes, or even large slabs of digital, and the manner of that found on the Mercedes the most recent. Rolls-Royce , however, retains an edge in terms of refinement.

Under the hood, the Senate has the choice of a hybrid drive based on a V8 4.4 and developing 590 horsepower, or a V12 6.6 848 ch. It should be noted that the hybrid engine has been developed with the help of Porsche.

The objectives of production are of 100 copies per year, while the rates would lie between those of Mercedes and Rolls-Royce, with a base price of around 10 million rubles, or a little less than 130 000 euros.


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