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From a purely legal car tires have no expiration date and can be used on the road. Only a minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimeters is required by law. However, those who rely only on it, you could quickly depart.

Munich – it’s about the safety of a car, the tire is of crucial importance. But many drivers note that the rubber is too little – and that’s a high risk. Who wants to be on the safe side, you should definitely follow some essential rules. The Fausformel 4x3x6: four of the same tires, not less than three-Millimeter profile, not longer than six years.

Above all, the age has a great influence on the safety. The Austrian car club Ă–AMTC is in a tyre test to focus on how the driving properties of summer change tires when they are older. This includes tires, which were from 2 to 14 years on the road and in service, were compared with matching new Tires of the same brand. Prerequisite in the case of the tire has a remaining tread depth of more than five millimeters.

“As was to be expected, deteriorate, particularly the wet properties, handle with increasing tire age considerably. The security decreases with age undetectable,” says OAMTC-together tire expert Friedrich Eppel the result. Also in the case of a completely sufficient profile depth of an average of six millimetres for a period of five years should be calculated from use – compared to new tyres – clearly a limited Grip in the wet.

In the wet by fallen

In the four test stations wet circuit brakes, Wet, wet-handling and dry braking open the weaknesses of the more Mature Semester, were revealed. If the fictional touch 2.0 – the rating “very recommended” – for new tyres, to reach the Mature variants, which were two to three years in use, in the wet properties handle the classification “recommended”.

In the fifth and sixth year, the in-use tires were only evaluated with “conditionally recommended”. The models, which were six years in use, are already at the limit to the worst classification. “The more than ten years old tyre variants have received, as expected, the worst reviews and are in the wet when the safety failed,” says the OAMTC expert.

Especially the results on wet pavement show that there is a completely sufficient profile depth of an average of six millimeters, from one period of use of five years compared to new tires with reduced wet properties handle. “On a dry road, the deterioration in the course of the duration of use is also clearly visible, although not as clearly as on a wet road surface,” says Eppel.

The secret of the DOT-Numbers

However, how old a Tire is? “Many car owners don’t know how you can find the production date of a tyre of a Car,” says ADAC-expert bricklayer. There is also a Code. On both tyre side walls, a combination of numbers and letters that start with the letters DOT (Department of Transportation, Department of transportation, USA). But only on one of the two sides of this combination with four digits to the ends. These last four digits (usually on an oval surface) of the calendar week and the year of manufacture. So the combination 4310 means, for example, that the tires in the 43. The calendar was produced week in 2010.

The combination of three numerals and a small triangle, the first two digits are the week number and the third digit the year in the nineties. Has the number combination at the end, only three digits (without a triangle), then the tire still comes from the eighties. “And with all due respect for economy, this set of tires for reasons of security urgently disposed of,” says Maurer.


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