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Mercedes’ B-class pensioners-Benz. As a new edition of the compact MPV is cozy as can be – and leads the driver carefully in the new car world.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Wednesday, 28.11.2018
05:05 PM

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The first impression: Very nice and sleek! While the first two B-class were generations more box cars, the third edition, with the narrow headlights, flat snout, slanted windshield and a lowered roof downright racy. Viewed from the rear, the car looks slightly bulky, and not as dynamic as the Mercedes design chief Gorden Wagener it from the front.

Says the manufacturer: “Who A says must also B say” – Jörg Bartels, the new B-class presents, sounds of the first compulsory exercise. Thus, the series circuit of the compact Mercedes models don’t want to be understood, however,. He sees the B-class as a model of success, which sold more than 1.5 million Times. In fact, the car has not done the Reputation of Mercedes, but so good. Like the VW Golf Plus or the BMW Active Tourer, the B-class has a pensioner and square Image. The mood of optimism at least, the Mercedes with the A class wanted to spread, did not fit the B-class. These criticisms have taken the Swabians, and I have especially changed the Design. “So practical, as always, and as chic as never before”, is applying the Sales managing Director Britta Seeger is the result.

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Autograph Mercedes B-Class:
Less Show, more substance

The we noticed: a Smartphone instead of a Support stocking, also in the interior, it is clear that the Mercedes B-class from the Image as a pensioner-Benz free will. As in the A-class width, digital instruments, emblazoned behind the steering Wheel display with two large screens under a glass cover, a touch screen comes to the right of the driver. Individual functions with Gestures. Especially, Mercedes’ digital assistant is in the B-class is now on Board that hears the word, and different drivers so good to know that he makes them in every encounter, more relevant suggestions on route planning or entertainment on Board. Thus, the B-class all-round works dusted off and offers the most modern atmosphere of this class. However, the designers are shot here and there over the target: dozens of LED colors in the Cockpit and consoles as well as a temperature-dependent lighting in the fan (red for hot and blue for cold) do not quite fit to a more reputable car.

Although the B-class’s dynamic looks, high seat position that a purchase is for a lot of customers reason. Because the seats are mounted nine inches higher than in the A-class, you can use a more convenient to get in and out and has a better Overview. For this, the centre of gravity sits higher, and as a driver away from the road a little further. So it is with the B-class leisurely on the road, although there is for the adaptive suspension, a sport setting, and the most powerful engine variant 234 km/h top. From the point of view of some of the riders in the B like there is no class on Elan. For that, it scores with a high relaxation factor. With eight gears, the double-clutch switches smooth transmission now. Above all, the car is incredibly quiet, which is mainly due to the time-consuming fine-tuning in the wind tunnel, the engineers, the cW-value to 0.24 pressed.

Take a look in the interior of the Mercedes B-class – with our 360-degree photo:

Only moderate progress in space efficiency, however, is – although this is one of the main reasons for Buying the B-class. Although it now sits in the second row a little bit better because of the wheelbase grew by three inches. But the trunk is even shrunk a little and holds now is 455 liters. Really good use of it, however, until about the middle of next year, when Mercedes variants with a 14 inches of adjustable rear Bank including a variable backrest angle provides. Until then, the B-class is not flexible or practical as a compact SUV.

The need to know: The production at the plant in Rastatt, Germany, is currently running on, order the new B-class from the beginning of December. Then, Mercedes want to tell more than the base price that is 31.847 euros more than 4000 euros on a comparable A-class.

Under the hood there is, first, a 1.4-Liter gasoline engine with 136 HP in the B 180 or 163 HP in the B200. A 1.5-Liter Diesel with 116 HP in the B 180d, and a 2-Liter Diesel with 150 HP in the B 200, or 190 HP in the B 220d. The larger diesel is the Pride of Swabia. Thanks to advanced flue-gas cleaning with a second SCR catalyst, it is aggregate the only diesel in this Segment, which meets the exhaust emission norm Euro 6d, without limitation, “temp”, and thus the threshold hurdle of the year 2020.

Also proud of the series chief Bartels is on the many assistance systems, for which the B-class supported in the S-class. The new car drives so automatically, as is currently already allowed on the motorway and looks to all sides, if it goes through the city, or out of a Parking space allocated. The Sensors are active when the car is on and the engine is off. Then you monitor the back of the room, and warn you when you get out in front of approaching vehicles, especially cyclists.

Let us not forget that The functions with which Mercedes B-class Wellness oasis-on-wheels wants to make. Programs then combine air-conditioning, ventilation, lighting, and music for well-being treatment, which relax the driver, stimulate or awake. It is already known from other Mercedes models, but in the B-class, we now present two more steps: first, the System is coupled trackers, up with Smartwatches and Fitness and gives good advice for the well-being, and secondly, the seat adjustment is for the first time. Minimal variations to the seat surface and Backrest to fatigue and prevent back pain – and that is far from the only Problem plaguing retirees.

Vehicle registration certificate


B 220d

Compact car

Four-Cylinder Turbodiesel Direct Injection Engine

Eight-Speed Automatic


1.950 CC

190 HP (140 kW)

400 Nm

From 0 to 100:
7.2 s

Maximum speed:
234 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
4.4 liters

CO2 emissions:
116 g/km

445 Liter

1.530 liters

1.545 kg

4419 / 1796 / 1567

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