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Earlier Pedelecs were characterized especially by a low entry. The fit to the older audience. Meanwhile, the E-mobility even in the case of road bikes, technology has arrived – thanks to a new engine.


Roland Baege / PDF

By Hans Dorsch

Monday, 08.10.2018
07:38 PM

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There was a time, which is only a few years, Bike-lovers, fear of the Bosch categorisation of the Bicycle: the incidence of lots of models, designed mainly by the chubby mid-engine supplier with its eye-catching, but a little pretty, battery-defined.

It did not come. Fortunately, many manufacturers of the temptation resisted to go to the supposedly easiest way. With the support of new and old motor manufacturers, there is now a wonderful wide field of individual electric mobility. Each engine concept has the right to exist, and no vehicle category is excluded from the electrification. Five current E-Bikes show that the development is still not completed. By the way – Bosch drives as a supplier of E-nor.

Roland Baege / PDF

E-bikes for every use

E-Bikes for the City – the Winora Saya and Desiknio Pinion Urban

Who wants to get from A to B, not asking whether the engine is sitting in the front, the rear or in the middle, but, what is the best way through the City. After that, the engine should be based concept. Also, the weight of the battery and the Motor can’t be beat for shorter distances, and so to the weight, the ride comfort is more important, like the Winora Saya.

Thickness of tires, springs and bad roads and the depth rose To power and Descend comfortably and safely. Because the medium motor fits on the bottom bracket good, because the supports right there, where the force of the driver acts. Many E-Bike novices will cope with this technique is the fastest. Behind the seat tube space for a large battery that can be removed easily, and to Charge into the house.

The nearly 15 pounds of light Desiknio Pinion Urban is designed down to the smallest Detail to the driving pleasure: The stiff aluminum frame transmits the muscle force directly to the Six-speed Pinion gearbox in the bottom bracket, from there it goes via a toothed belt to the rear wheel. There, the barely visible engine of ebikemotion is silent again. For sufficient damping carbon fork and time, in accordance with the width of the tires. And the battery? The 250 Wh (7 Ah), only half as much capacity as the well-known Bosch-blocks – weighs only half, and is hidden completely in the frame.

Photo gallery

E-Bike News:
The Mass Motorization

E-bikes – the Brompton Electric

The British manufacturer Brompton is the folding bikes now a legend. After years of rumors of the classic is now available with electric drive. Ensure that the drive has been developed with the formula 1 team Williams, the visible result is a little disappointing: A Motor in the front wheel. The the discounters also. But that’s not everything. Brompton is probably the Bicycle manufacturer with the largest production depth. Not even the circuit is purchased, only our own developments comply with the special requirements. And as Motor, Sensors, and batteries are designed specifically for Brompton-claims. The result: The bike folds exactly like the Original, and drives like the Original, just with nearly invisible help. It is almost as easy to carry, because the battery in the formula 1-the developer Packed in a small bag, which can be removed quickly and about the shoulder. Three pounds it weighs, and also has room for small stuff. / PDF

Bike with trunk – how of the manufacturer, the cargo bike is applying

E-cargo bikes – The multi-charger from Riese and Müller

Most of the electrification has benefited the cargo bike. Such a Motor is taking heavy Luggage to the horror. In addition to the Cargo bike with the load surface at the front of 2018 showed up with a type wheel that was almost forgotten. The Longtail Bike, a normal bike with an extra long rear triangle and extended Luggage rack. The prototype is simple and sturdy in structure, and is used in East Africa, a lot, to transport Goods and people – as a Boda-Boda-a Bicycle taxi.

This is not allowed in Germany by law. Riese and Müller brings the Bicycle taxi as a shorter “Midtail” on German roads, with handle and footrests provided model can adults up to 60 pounds or two children in the kids ride the seat all legal. The multi-charger is a bit shorter, more maneuverable than the Original. And the color scheme in matte black/Orange fits to heavy-duty use. With Motor from Bosch and up to 1000 Wh of battery storage, the wheel is a device for real work.

E-mountain bike, the Cujo Neo 130 1 from Cannondale

In the sporting use of the mountain bike benefit probably the most from the electric assistance. Tourism in mountain regions of the E see MTB as a Savior for the time after the ski tourism. For this, you don’t even have cable cars, but only charging stations. While many mountain bikers also irritates the rise, but most of the drive down the mountain. And in the descent through the forest a few pounds not to disturb Overweight by Motor and battery if you are in the right place. Thus, the suspension responds correctly, have to be reduced, unsprung masses. A hub motor would, therefore, be unfavorable, a mid-engine brings the center of gravity in the center of the wheel and down. The battery also slips deep into the frame under the tube. The Cujo Neo 130 1 out of Cannondale is sick and tired on the Trail and Jump calmly in the air. When you drive, Bosch has to get competition out of the bike stock. The Shimano Steps Motor is not only small and lightweight, it also has a remarkably sensitive under software control. With the storms with light pressure on the Pedal is not abruptly on the steep slope of the lot, but gets the full power if you need it.

E-road bike – the Cannondale Synapse Neo

With road bikes the E-Bike is not advantage immediately understandable, but for the most part above the Pedelec speed limit of 25 km/h on the way in which the motors of the law due to down-regulation. Nevertheless, be reviewed in the event of Bicycle race wheels on hidden E-support, and hobby cyclists to show their motors now open. The drive is the same maker for the Tour, if you beginner and want to ride together or to the range extender on mountainous routes. He helps (Re-)starter and motivated professional. You can make a game of it, to be always faster than the engine. The side effect is that This saves energy.

Cannondale was in the case of E-Bikes relatively late. But the Wait was worth it, because in the Cannondale Synapse Neo is the new Bosch Active Line Plus is a mid-motor with 250W of power. The engine is designed for high frequencies and features the new gearbox no resistance when driving fast. With a comfortable Seating position and 32 mm tires, the manufacturer sorted out the wheel in the category “Endurance Race”, and promises all-day comfort for long rides. Cannondale uses aluminum instead of Carbon fiber as a frame material, it makes the bike affordable. At 3300 Euro’s.

E-recumbent – models of HP Velotechnik

A sport for connoisseurs of the recumbent bike is a device, more precisely, the recumbent tricycle. The vendors of HP Velotechnik is flexible to the engine. For comfort lovers there is the mid-engine – in this case, in the front of the mounted – combined with the automatic. For athletes, the manufacturer recommends but the tail motor is virtually inaudible, with a triple derailleur combine, and thanks to the low center of gravity for a real go kart Feel to it. What is not desirable when mountain Biking, is at the tricycle a real advantage: The weight of the engine to the drive wheel. The not turns this even on steep, slippery climbs. Less sporty, but very practical, and only with rear-wheel engine: a reverse gear for Maneuvering.

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