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109 HP, rear-wheel drive and light weight: The Twingo is a mini bullet GT with a surprising amount of space. Only at the gas station, the fun stops – and this is not time consumption.


Jürgen Pander

By Jürgen Pander

Wednesday, 04.10.2017
At 05:11

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Even if one rejects small cars, three-cylinder engines will be ridiculed and French car brands not taking them seriously, is worthy of the Renault Twingo GT. For the simple reason that he is braced against the ever – present power and delusions of grandeur in the industry, and to demonstrate that a waiver can be cool. This includes a view on the data sheet: 3,60 meters long, 1001 kilograms, 900-cubic-turbo engine and a 109 HP. In about the first VW Golf GTI of 1976 was.

The comparison with the Ur-GTI is quite suitable: mainly used in the claim, the practical benefits with an extra dose of driving fun to fix up, the Twingo GT and the Golf of that time are similar.

Also the Twingo GT this fun begins as once the GTI is already at the interior of the car. An eye-catcher, was in the GTI, the gear knob in Golf ball optics, the thickness of the leather steering wheel from the first solves for the GT to Access joy. In addition, the seats are sporty-taut-upholstered, as it is in a car.


Jürgen Pander

From the outside, the Twingo may look puny, but inside, the space is almost generous. A journey the four of us doesn’t feel at all cramped. Thanks to the four doors, the A also works on and Off in the small car easily. Possible the efficient division of space is mainly due to the rear-wheel drive: As with the twin model Smart Forfour (or Porsche 911) sits in the Twingo the engine over the rear axle. This creates space in the front part of the body.

The disadvantage of this concept is the modest trunk volume, however, is. Directly under the bottom of the (Hand-) Luggage compartment with six-wing screw-mounted hood, including the 900cc three-cylinder petrol engine with turbocharging and an output of 109 HP.

The Gebrumm comes from the rear

The machine is started, it penetrates the Brummeln so back down to the ears of the occupants. And if you step on slippery road in a curve on the Gas, you can get the rear a little bit to get into drifting. Properly, the sport is here kanönchen under the Twingo-types, up to 182 km/h to drive fast and quite well, if you really want one.

You can do this, but then you will come to the average fuel consumption of 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers, hardly close. We drove the car, however, barely 300 kilometers during the test drive with an average of 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers, but with the “Eco”button. Which sits above and to the right of the control stick and throttles in the case of activation of the performance on 65 HP and maximum torque of 170 to 135 Nm.

Take a look in the interior of the Renault Twingo GT, with our 360 degree photo:

If you are normally on the road and on GT-posturing waived, you can feel when Driving hardly any difference to the normal model. Only at the gas station, there is a nasty Surprise: There it is, no matter how high the fuel consumption was definitely more expensive. Because of the Twingo GT, it is on the inside of the tank lid – with 98-octane fuel to be refueled, and the cost per Liter to several cents more than regular gasoline. Response from Renault on the question as to the reason for the expensive fuel: The slopes of the efficiency of the small turbo motor, and was a “strong recommendation”.

Renault recommends “urgent” Fuel with a higher octane number

And so we filled up with Fuel with flowery names like “super plus” (98 octane) or, in the absence of Alternatives, even “Ultimate fuel (102 octane). The prices per litre have fluctuated from € 1.38 to 1.72 euros. You can also say so: Twingo-GT-To take revenge at the gas station. It is definitely more expensive than other small, and the fleet, but otherwise completely average weight and behavior by no means.

Photo gallery

Renault Twingo:
In the spirit of a GTI

The Renault Twingo GT is the car a well-made, sporty and at the same time, practical small, but it is also the maintenance is quite expensive. This also applies for the purchase: 15.490 euros, the GT variant will cost at least, in the case of our test car, a sound package added with 35 watts of power, a digital radio, black roof strips, and a handy storage compartment under the rear bench seat. The price of 16.105 euros made at the end of a vehicle.

Like everything in life, and especially in the car world, this price, however, is relatively. The technically identical Smart four four Brabus is offered from 21.225 Euro. In contrast, the Twingo GT is even a special offer.

Vehicle registration certificate


Twingo GT

Small car

Three-Cylinder Bezindirekteinspritzer-Turbo

Five-Speed Manual Transmission


898 ccm

109 HP (80 kW)

170 Nm

From 0 to 100:
9,6 s

Maximum speed:
182 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
5.2 Liter

CO2 emissions:
115 g/km

219 litre

980 litres

1.001 kg

3595 / 1647 / 1557

15.490 GBP

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