Baden-Württemberg is necessary to prepare a driving ban for Euro-5 Diesel in Stuttgart

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In Stuttgart holder of Euro 5 have to adapt diesels to area-wide driving bans: The Supreme administrative court rejected Baden-württemberg’s complaint against it. Green-Black is beaten.

The state of Baden-Württemberg is a ban with his complaint against a driving of Euro 5 Diesel in Stuttgart before the court failed. The country had to immediately regulate such a ban in the clean air plan for the state capital, binding, decided by the administrative court of Baden-Württemberg (VGH) on Monday.

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High Exhaust Pollution:
In these cities, the Diesel will apply discounts

The judgment of the Federal administrative court (BVG) in February contained a clear commitment. The black-and-green-governed Baden-Württemberg, said that to comply with the judgment of the VGH. “We will wait for the verdict, but the state government is governed by a last-instance verdict,” said a government spokesman.

Government wanted to later on Euro 5-driving ban

The green-and-black state government had decided on the Supreme court ruling of the BVG, a nationwide permanent ban on driving in Stuttgart for Diesel cars up to emission class Euro 4 as from the beginning of 2019. In spite of forced money, the threat of the Stuttgart administrative court, the government wanted to take but not mandatory spell for Euro-5 Diesel in the clean air plan. To do this, it should come only when the burden of health-damaging stick would not sink to the oxide until the second half of 2019 enough by all the other measures.

The Federal administrative court in Leipzig decided on the pattern case, the Stuttgart that diesel driving bans against to high nitrogen oxide emissions are possible, but relatively need to be. This was not the case, if a driving prohibition in a phased manner will be introduced and Euro-5 Diesel is not affected prior to September 2019.

The country must be forced to pay the money to yourself

The judgment of the administrative court is not subject to appeal. Baden-Württemberg must also pay a by the German environmental aid (DUH) proposed penalty in the amount of 10,000 euros. “The time of the legal trickery is over,” said DUH attorney Remo Klinger.

On the complaints of the DUH to driving bans in some 30 cities and also in Aachen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Mainz and, most recently, Cologne and Bonn were convicted of prohibited driving. Part of the dispute in these cases is still in the last round.


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