Bahn is investing in car-sharing for school children

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In the United States, many children are brought to school by car, therefore, GoKid, a car-sharing service for parents. Deutsche Bahn has been involved in the Start-up. A traffic club feared a Bad thing.

The school transport, Deutsche Bahn AG relies increasingly on car delivery services, and invests in the US company GoKid. The Start-up of New York operates a platform for parental driving communities to bring children together “safely and on time” in school, sports, and other leisure activities, such as DB explained to the group. So parents will make life world’s easier.

The idea of GoKid is to organize communities, families, friends, and neighbors driving. The advantage is that Not every child needs to be driven by his parents alone, but several families share one car. The rides can only be taken over by participants, who also have their own children on Board. In real-time to track when the children are picked up on which Route you are traveling and when you are at the Sport or in school. A basic version of the App is free, additional features costs 4.99 dollars a month (about 4.40€).

Over 100,000 trips with GoKid were already organized. “Our focus is the United States currently is,” says the managing Director of GoKid, Stefanie Lemcke. In more than 25 countries, there are more users, also in Germany. Officially, the market is not to be started in this country, but still. From the point of view of the DB group GoKid in Germany can complement the core business of rail “makes sense”. Also, the car manufacturer Daimler is already on the car-sharing market and joined the U.S.-platform Turo. Meanwhile, users can rent in Germany, Turo their private cars on a daily basis.

For the VCD GoKid “is a Gray”

Daily school transport in Germany, buses play so far, but also regional Railways have an important role, especially in the rural area. The ecological transport club Germany (VCD) criticized the project of the railway, to invest in Sharing services with private transport.

“From our point of view this Mobility of GoKid is a Gray,” says Anika Meenken, walking, Cycling and school travel expert in the VCD. “We can no longer use us for years that parents bring their children with parents taxi in the school.” It is important that children master independently the way to school, either by foot or with the wheel. The strength of not only your self-confidence and their social skills, it is also the lack of movement of many children to counteract. In addition, parents ‘ taxis of the environment and endangered the traffic safety in the school environment, harm Meenken argued.

Also for transport policy reasons, the traffic club, has called on the Railways to reconsider the Investment in GoKid. It is the danger that the commitment to individual transport the already wobbly public TRANSPORT network will continue to be thinned, especially in rural regions. There, school buses, and the regional guaranteed a minimum level of mobility and are not only important for children and adolescents, but also for older and vulnerable people.

Track relies on the development of new mobility offers

Deutsche Bahn defended the cooperation with GoKid. One am currently investing record sums in the maintenance and Expansion of the rail network and the modernisation of trains and buses, said a company spokesman. At the same time, the company is counting on the development of new mobility services, the rail transport added advantage. In particular, this includes On-Demand Services such as ioki, which was launched in Hamburg in a special catchment area, and Ridesharing included models such as the GoKid. In the case of ioki electric Shuttle ride to pick up guests from any address and drive them to a desired station.

Not always the way to school, to the sports club or to the lake of children to walk or bike. Where there is no rail connection, or on school buses due to falling numbers of pupils are not able to be with the individual needs of parents and children adequately represent driving communities for children GoKid a convenient and environmentally friendly Alternative to single-passenger car rides, argues the rail. How much exactly invested in the railway in GoKid, is not known.

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