Bamberg is the first German city with a Scooter-Sharing

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In many countries, kick scooter with an electric drive are already part of the road image. This year the Scooter to come to Germany. The first driver will be with a special permit.

The Bavarian city of Bamberg is developing a loan system for electric scooters – the first in Germany. From December test driver Roller of the U.S. to benefit American operator of Bird and first experience on the streets of the University town to collect.

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Scooter Sharing:
Electric Hype from the USA

The vehicles are still not allowed across the Board, so the first riders will be with a special permit. Expected in spring of 2019, the use of scooters should be allowed on public roads legally. Then 100 scooter in Bamberg, all users of the App.

“The E-Scooter Sharing offers an opportunity that we want to use,” said mayor Andreas Starke (SPD). The scooter should be complementary to the public transport network of the city to a low-carbon and affordable means of transportation.

In many cities of the USA and also in European countries such as Austria, the Scooter already belong to the everyday picture. Users rent scooters by the App, and you can on the target.

Rental fee of 15 cents per Minute

In Bamberg the maximum of 20 km/h fast Roller are distributed over the entire city. Using a cost of 15 cents per Minute, in addition to a basic price of one Euro per journey. The driver must be at least 18 years old. After the end of the Journey, the scooter must be parked so that they obstruct pedestrians.

Many cities, including San Francisco, have made bad experiences with such Leihsystemen – many of the scooters ended up in the bushes or in public waters. To ensure the safety of other road users, should Bird control staff in Bamberg, whether or not users leave the scooter properly. If needed, you you.

The city is not blighted by carelessly left Roller, want to Bird to collect the scooter every evening at 21 o’clock and if necessary repair. The demand is rising strongly, to an increase in the number of the scooter.


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