Bavarian Ministry criticized Scheuers monitoring plan

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Minister of transport, Scheuer wants a car license plate in a driving ban can zones automatically. The resistance to his plans is growing – even in the home of the CSU-man.

From the point of view of the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer, he does everything right – even for the Greens and the environmentalists, have him Olten in the past few months. His Ministerial work on a Directive on the retrofitting of old diesel vehicles with a nitrogen oxide catalysts, as demanded by coalition partner the SPD and parts of the Opposition for a long time.

Quickly, you have also written new sections to the road traffic act, so the upgraded cars can also be identified, and despite driving bans can drive in the cities.

But his critics brings not averse, nevertheless, to Silence – on the contrary. The resistance against the projects with which he wants the Diesel crisis to solve, to grow. Even his home state of Bavaria cross.

In the visor of his opponents, the surveillance video, the police want to control which cars are allowed to drive in the driving bans are occupied in the inner cities, for example from Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin or Cologne. Ten of thousands vehicles are affected in Berlin alone, 200,000 of self-detonator.

Diesel cars with Euro 6 emission class are exempt from the closures, as well as all of the older cars with a Hardware upgrade. These are to be identified by video inspection.

Not only the license plate is filmed

However, not only mark, but the entire vehicle silhouette to be filmed, including the driver. And there are privacy concerns. Scheuer is annoyed: “at some point these people need to also decide what you want to have exactly”, he moaned yesterday on a mobility Congress in Berlin.

Ironically, the Greens, who have driven him for months, reject Scheuers scheme: “This draft law leaves only two conclusions,” says Green MP Stefan yellow hair: Either Andreas Scheuer’ve never heard of in his life, some of the enshrined in the basic law of personality right, or any privacy policies, or he will go with full intent to continue the delaying tactics against a nationwide Hardware upgrade, to pay court to the automotive industry.

Yellow hair noted that in the draft law, the Scheuer, two weeks ago, the Cabinet has tabled, there is no sufficient protection for the affected driver is anchored, in particular for those who are allowed to drive in the cities and their images are still recorded by the traffic monitoring.

Bavarian Ministry of the interior against Scheuers proposal

The support of the Green gets it from an unexpected side: the Bavarian Ministry of the interior. In the opinion of the CSU-led house, which is the MIRROR, is criticism of party friend Scheuer: “The Rest are from our point of view regarding the event-free data processing, data protection and privacy concerns”, it says candidly.

The Ministry warns: “in Particular, it should technically be ensured that non-matches are cases (the vehicle is to be Driven on the zone to be deleted) immediately, without further evaluation spurenlos and without the opportunity to make a personal reference,.”

Furthermore, the officials complain that Scheuers Plan of relieving the police seriously in their work: they have to match the recorded license plate, finally, with the motor Vehicle database. From your shows whether an old, not retro fitted diesel vehicle may enter, with one exception permit in the city. This is supposed to be for people who are dependent on care of family members on your Diesel.

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