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On the XJ-a birthday journey
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The Jaguar XJ is indisputably one of the most beautiful cars of all time. Now he is 50 years old. Reason enough to look at its eight generations closer.

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          Fifty Years. For a person Reaching this age is a turning point, there is hardly a birthday is celebrated, yet in the flower of his years, and the Finale is still so far away. Cars do not, it could be, in principle forever, only many will be half a century old, even as a series. The Jaguar XJ is now a part of the elite Club, the Porsche 911 is joined four years ago. The VW Golf will have to wait until 2024, the Range Rover only up to 2020.

          Boris Schmidt

          Editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

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          In 1968 at the Paris auto salon of the “Experimental Jaguar” (XJ), a coupĂ©-like sedan, which, for the first time in the history of the brand on the jumping Jaguar on the bonnet renounced debuted. The XJ is without doubt one of the most beautiful cars of all time, seven further series long, the ’68-‘ archetype ‘ more or less the same until 2009, the XJ with the internal Code X351 broke the Tradition. On to today, in the new dress sold XJ to the spirits, its Design polarizes opinions, it actually has nothing to do with the old one, most of the friends of the brand have not arranged yet. Are you still dreaming of the old lines.

          Now, the Tradition is maintained by the European car manufacturers, in the meantime, almost all of them to their heritage, the relevant departments will be getting bigger and bigger. It is no wonder that Jaguar celebrated the anniversary of its addition to the sports car E-Type’s most legendary series, with a journey from the factory in Castle Bromwich to Paris auto salon in 2018.

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          16 Jaguar XJ from all of the series make on an early Sunday morning in Castle Bromwich on the way, it goes in different stages to Portsmouth in the South of England and then with the ferry to St-Malo. From there, the Jags take a detour via Le Mans to the heart of Paris. More than 850 km without problems, only the necessary to switch from one to the other Tank in the early XJ will forget sometimes and leads to short-term stops. The biggest challenge of the entire Tour of the roundabout to the arc de Triomphe in rush hour traffic, and the announcement from the iPhone Navi is: “Take the eighth exit!”

          All 16 vehicles include Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR), also shows the importance of the old car today. And this becomes even more evident at the first Stop shortly after the Start, in the “Classic Works” in Coventry. Here JLR indulges in more than 14,000 square feet of space to its past. 2017 opened, are here maintained in great style in a new building on the old Land Rover, and Jaguar, repaired, and restored and will be happy to assist in the so-called Reborn program in a condition “better than new” was added. So a vehicle can be an old series I Land Rover from the late forties or a Jaguar E-Type from the sixties, would cost 150,000 Euro and more.

          JLR expands this Classic line of business more and more, recently, a similar center was opened in Essen, on the lower surface, but also under JLR Highness. In Coventry clinical factory atmosphere, because everything is so spread out. And a big part of the many square meters of the car collection of JLR takes on, which includes, however, only own vehicles. Many come from the private collection of a dentist, the you had bought. More than 500 cars, it is a focus on British vehicles.

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