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Underpasses oppressive places, dark and dreary. But that need not be so, as an example from the Netherlands shows: the Dive in the underground works of the conscience.


Jannes Linders

Thursday, 03.12.2015
At 05:04

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There are two kinds of guides: The better the same caves. The worse Hells. A man wants to stay there anyway, not guaranteed. Too dark it’s sleeves in the Concrete, under roads and railroads mostly, and, above all, almost hopeless. In an underpass so if you go for only one reason: to get at the other end as quickly as possible out of it.

In Zutphen, this is a bit different. Zutphen is a 50,000-inhabitant municipality in the Netherlands, the city is dominated image of several medieval towers. Since a few days, the list of attractions is, however, two of the buildings richer. There are two underpasses.

You pass under the railway tracks right next to each other; a road for vehicles and a way for cyclists and walkers. Actually, there are traditional buildings made of concrete that connect to a newly-built district of Zutphen, with the historic core of the municipality. But the special thing about them is their lighting.

Jannes Linders

Herman Kuijers Installation in the light of day

Because the underpasses are bathed in rainbow-coloured lights, a colorful Light, which, with constant flow and movement to the heaving waters of the river Ijssel, which winds through Zutphen.

You have to imagine crossing this underpass so as a spiritual experience. Looking at the pictures, you want to get it right on the wheel and under the tracks from the new to the old Zutphen rolls to nibble at times of the urban hallucinogen.

Holland understands what of glamorous infrastructure

Underpasses on LSD clear that there is to discover in the Netherlands. And this is by no means as salmon flash allusion to the liberal drug policy in our neighbouring country: Rather, illuminated the infrastructure has affectionately in Holland a Tradition. A shining example of the sparkling path from New.

The navigable lava lamps of Zutphen has created the light artist Herman Kuijer. Who now thinks, a. to enlighten so simple to make as it is in the village of disco just red and green flashing, you are wrong. Kuijer has worked according to its own figures, five years in the lighting design. Finally, the way through the underground is not only beautiful, but also safe.

Most impressively, the work of the artist, of course, comes at night. But in Zutphen, especially the biggest disadvantage of the concrete is hell a advantage: Because it is in subways, by nature, always dark, is the light even in the daytime.


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