Bentley Continental GTC 2019 : the official photos of the convertible

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Here is the third generation of the Bentley Continental GTC.

Here is the third generation of the Bentley Continental GTC. The convertible will help the coupe to be presented in 2017, and then marketed a few months ago. Menu, luxury, technology and power : it all in the open air !

While convertibles builders general practitioners has virtually disappeared, this body type remains common in the premium and are still the mainstay of the ranges of luxury brands.


Do not trust the appearances, the long, stern does has a small amount of safety deposit.

This third generation of the Bentley Continental GTC is evidence of this. The English brand has zapped the living room of a Los Angeles 2018 and would prefer an event in a small committee in Munich. Would it be to taunt the new BMW 8-Series cabriolet on its land ?

Anyway, this convertible drift closely to the coupe Bentley Continental introduced in 2017 at the Frankfurt motor show. This convertible luxury is discovered in 19 seconds, a maneuver course that is completely automated and can be operated up to the speed of

50 km/h. the volume of The trunk is limited to 235 litres as the fabric is folded or unfolded. In comparison, the coupe Bentley Continental GT has 358 litres.

An open-air driving in any season, The Bentley Continental GTC is a convertible architecture 2+2.

Once discovered, the Bentley Continental GTC allows us to admire its interior 2+2 at its finest. The happy owners will be able to ride more often convertible because the heater neck, already present on the current model, has on this new generation a function of refreshing. No little attention is not too good at this level range.

And to address the first frosts of the fall, everything is heating : the rim of the steering wheel, seats, and even armrests. Everything is managed from the interface of the air-conditioning to regulate the temperature inside (or outside ?) the half-degree precision.


A W12 to 635 hp ! Standard rims are 21 inches.

As usual Bentley, the launch of a new model is made with the most noble engine. And the Bentley Continental GTC began his career with the W12 6.0 strong of a power output of 635 bhp and a torque value of 900 Nm. A block, which takes into respect the competition, but that does not prove to be the most “écofriendly”. According to the new standard WLTP, it has been approved for a combined cycle fuel consumption of 14 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 317 g/km.

The eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive help it achieve a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 s. It is a tenth more than for the coupe, but it is necessary to properly digest 170 kg due to the reinforcements of the fund. The Bentley Continental GTC, is not a Mazda MX-5, it weighs as much as some larger SUV with 2 414 kg on the scale. Finally, the top speed is 333 km/h, mind-blowing !

Precious wood, leather and tweed to The canvas hood of the new Bentley GTC can be stretched tweed : so British !

As for the coupe, the dashboard of the cabriolet is equipped at the center of a panel rotating in three facets. Wide touch screen of 12.3-inch diagonal, facade, precious woods perforated by three dials to the former or full panel : between high-tech and tradition, the client did not choose. Equipment which is highly sensitive to the asian customers.

Bentley leaves, however, the choice between 17 shades of case, 7 colors for the soft top – the most eccentric (who said the most English ?) opt probably for a canvas how tweed – and, on board, 15 tones of leather and 8 types of precious wood are available. Count ten skins and 10 m2 of wood to fill the passenger compartment. Customization : at Bentley, we know…

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