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The battery is empty and there is no charging point in sight? A Berlin-based Start-up provides owners of electric cars to electricity by Bicycle. To that come from?


Steve Przybilla

Steve Przybilla

Tuesday, 04.09.2018
At 04:21

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The BMW i3 is exhausted, he needs new power. However, replenishment is not available, because the electric car in a normal Parking Bay in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain. Far and wide there is no charging point in sight.

The rescue comes in the Form of an E-bike. Maron Chatzifrantzis, 34, pulls a trailer with a metal box behind the battery packs plug in. 180 kilos of the weight of the cargo, which is why the E-Bike “rides like a Truck”, as Chatzifrantzis noticed puffing. When he arrives at the car, everything goes very fast: trailer Parking, charging cable out, power button. The reserves are replenished.

Chatzifrantzis operates as a current courier at the Berlin-based Start-up “Chargery”. The company wants to use their mobile battery-followers of a gap in the market in the field of E-mobility: When the charger is occupied columns or are not available, a jump Chargery. The business model is, according to the company, which is unique in Germany.

Within 30 minutes – so the promise is one of the current messengers of the car, in order to supply it with new energy. Currently, the capacity of the overall system was designed to be 24 kWh, enough for about 160 km range.

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Start-up Chargery:
Battery empty? That’s nothing!

“The idea came to us, as we of a gasoline delivery service for Bentley heard,” says Christian Lang. The 31-Year-old is one of three young men, who have founded Chargery in August 2017. “A gasoline service for luxury cars does not need a man,” says Long. “But Electric Cars? This has a future.”

Car-sharing service DriveNow as a customer

Originally, the founders had an almost futuristic solution in the sense that robots should supply electric cars to full-automatic with electricity. Today, Lang, who previously worked at Audi are laughing about the idea of your own: “We decided to go for the reality. In large cities, with the bike better.” In addition, one could Park right next to the vehicles.

A shop in Berlin-Mitte Chargery serves as an office and workshop at the same time. Here the staff take your orders, repair bicycles, charge the Lithium-ion batteries. Ten employees, counting the Start-up, in the meantime, the founder. What earns the company with their Service, don’t want Long tell. “We are only just at the very beginning.”

In terms of the customers he shows verbose: Yet you work especially with the car-sharing service DriveNow. Per day you could charge about 25 cars in Berlin, and the trend is rising. In the long term, more cities and private customers.

Just of 54,000 electric cars registered in Germany

The Situation in Berlin is compared to other cities is downright comfortable. Just over 2,000 electric cars registered according to force travel Federal office in the capital. About 500 public charging stations in the city, which are offered by various providers. In addition, private charging stations, such as in garages or Carports.

Currently Chargery takes four hours, to a vehicle to charge completely. The flow couriers use the time to wait for the car-sharing cars: The driver to fill the wiper water, vacuum the floor mats, check tire pressure. The additional Service and personnel expenses also explains the price, which is significantly higher than the charge on a regular power station. How high is this exactly, says Long.

Germany is still far from the self-imposed target to have by 2020 a Million electric cars on the road: On the 1. January 2018 were registered according to the Federal office for motor traffic only 53.861 E-cars, but in comparison to the previous year, this corresponded to an increase of about 58 percent. Accordingly, optimistic is a Long one, with regard to the own business model: Many car-sharing providers were planning the purchase of electric cars. Also in the private customer area there is a lot of potential.

“People shop for a lot of money for a Pizza”

The question remains: Why should owners of electric cars rely on services such as Chargery? After all, the charging network is constantly growing. Christian Lang is smiling. “People shop for a lot of money for a Pizza.” In addition, it will take a long time to comprehensive sufficient charging stations are available.

The ADAC assesses the situation similarly. Although the Situation is now much better than even a few years ago. “Such a Service offering is but maybe an addition solution, which may close any gap,” said ADAC spokesman Christian Buric – “in this respect, the offer from the consumer protection point of view, is fair”.

Patrick Jochem, expert for electric mobility at the Karlsruhe Institute for technology, sees the matter more sceptical. Especially in large cities could not load the E-cars only at home but also with the employer or while shopping. “If anything, such deals are to the country interesting. But even then, it may be worth it for a bike service hardly, extra driving there.”

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