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The new BMW 3 Series will be released in the spring of 2019.

Pillar of the BMW range since the first version, in 1975, the 3 Series will continue its route in the spring of 2019, with the seventh generation. The shape changes significantly, while, on the bottom, it finally passes to the all-digital. Discovery in video.

The seventh generation of the BMW 3 Series takes its first walkabout at World Auto 2018 (from 4 to 14 October), in Paris. It will then be marketed in France, from the march 9, 2019. Under the internal code G20, it is the successor to the current (F30) was launched in 2012, and then restyled in 2015.

A style even more expressive

From the outset, this new 3 Series stands out clearly from its predecessor. His muzzle is adorned with a large double bean implanted deeper than previously. If the banding chrome that unites the two air inlets is a bit massive, the grille is impressive, it opens up big ! It is overshadowed by blade mobile in order to optimize the rise in temperature of the engine – as well as on the latest achievements of the brand.

The headlights are crafted, underlined by a strike-slip structures that is reminiscent of a gimmick stylistic expensive to Peugeot. And to combine aesthetic and technical, projectors, adopt a laser light, offering a range of up to 600 m, for 300 m only to the LED lights.

BMW 3 Series (2018)

In profile, the proportions do not change. We find, with pleasure, a long bonnet and a cabin that picked up on the back. Note, however, that the famous ” Hoffmeister Knick “, this fold that wraps around the rear window, is now fixed to the rear quarter panel and not embedded on the door. A trick of style which stretches visually the lines of the new BMW 3 Series.

In the same vein, the stern features of for fires in L which extend laterally of the wings. We can detect false air of a Lexus, but it is subtle and remains the opposite of the heaviness of the optics of the 3-Series (E90) 2005.

Dimensions of new BMW 3 Series

The new BMW 3 Series stretches from 8.5 cm to achieve 4,71 m long. It is wider by 1.6 inches (1.83 m), and retains the same height as its predecessor (1.44 m). It sits on a wheelbase increased by 4.1 cm (2.85 m).

BMW 3 Series (2018)

The 3 Series now has a size comparable to that of its direct rivals : Audi A4 , and Mercedes C-Class. Finally, the front and rear tracks are widened respectively by 4.3 and 2.1 cm. Moreover, it is lighter in weight by 55 kg than its predecessor, powered equivalent, thanks to its hood and front fenders in aluminum. To close this chapter of dimensions, the boot volume has not changed, it remains at 480 read. However, the double bottom, which generates on the current model a sub-fund of 30 l under the floor has been removed. It is now easier to load suitcases vertically.

And, the level of modularity, the new BMW 3 Series systematizes a trim of the seats according to a format 40/20/40. For memory, the current had an architecture 2/3-1/3 on the base models, and 40/20/40 on the top of the range.

The dashboard is digital BMW Series 3 (2018)

On board, the new 3 Series goes digital, adopting a instrumentation 100 % digital on a slab of 12.3 inches diagonally. Referred to as the ” BMW Live Cockpit , “this equipment today is indispensable for a premium brand responds to the virtual cockpit of the Audi A4 and comes with a touch screen of 10.2 inches, which is perfectly integrated at the top of the center console.

A head-up display, identical to that of the BMW 5 Series, complete with. However, it is the configuration which is the most upscale. The BMW 3 Series entry-will be entitled to an instrumentation needle with a digital display in the centre and a touch screen of only 8.8 inches. Other treat technology, the new BMW 3 Series can unlock their doors using a smartphone. The registry’s formal furniture of the new 3 Series does change of scenery not the followers of the current model. On the other hand, the drastic reduction in the number of buttons and the perfect integration of the touch screen bring a lot of modernity and old-fashioned really the current 3-Series F30.

Of the rear seat, correct BMW Series 3 (2018)

The new BMW 3 Series takes advantage of its dimensions a little more generous to accommodate properly two passengers in the rear seats. The access is relatively easy and, once on board, there is no shortage of space for your legs, nor at the level of the guard to the roof. As usual, the use of the central place is to be avoided, the seat and the back are more stiff and the transmission tunnel is cumbersome.

The BMW 3 Series will also be available in a version with long wheelbase for the chinese market.

Five engines from 150 to 265 hp BMW Series 3 (2018)

The launch, on march 9, 2019, the range will comprise two petrol engines : the 320i (184ch) and 330i (258ch) and three blocks diesel : 318d (150ch), 320d (190 hp) and 330d (265ch). Faithful to the architecture propulsion, the new BMW 3 Series will also be offered with all-wheel drive xDrive, in a first time only on the 320d, and will then be extended to other versions. The automatic transmission will be delivered of series, however, a manual transmission will also be available on the 318d and 320d (non-xDrive).


A plug-in hybrid, but not electric

The declination plug-in hybrid BMW 330th happen in the summer of 2019, like the M-Performance 40i with a six cylinder engine. Finally, the station-wagon BMW 3 Series Touring will be launched in the fall of 2019. In addition, BMW does not release 100 % power of the 3-Series then this will be the case of the SUV BMW X3 is based on the same technical platform CLAR. This role will be left to the future BMW z4 which will take the appearance of a four-door coupe.


Price BMW 3 Series (G20) Price in euros Lounge Business Design Edition Sport Luxury M Sport Diesel 320d BVM6 42 300 47 800 49 550 53 050 53 000 320d BVA8 44 500 47 800 51 750 55 250 55 200 320d BVA8 xDrive 47 150 50 950 54 000 57 500 57 600 Petrol 330i BVA8 47 200 – 54 050 57 550 58 050

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