BMW 5 Series (2018) : new diesel 518d 150 hp to the catalog

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The BMW 518d is only available in two-wheel drive and automatic transmission 8 reports.

The BMW 5-Series is available with a diesel of 150 hp (518d) since June 2018. This new version allows the 5 Series to lower its price to less than 46 000 euros.

The new BMW 5 Series falls in a range with the arrival of a diesel version of 150 hp in the summer of 2018. The BMW 518d is delivered ex officio to the automatic box to 8 reports (like the rest of the range) and is offered only in two wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive xDrive is not available, even as an option.

This new 518d should be of interest to fleets because it displays CO2 emissions very low (116 to 119 g/km CO2) according to the new Euro standard 6d-Temp.

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Price BMW 518d (2018)

Available with the finishes as usual (Lounge, Sport, Luxury and M Sport), the 518d is happening at the same time that a new finish dedicated to corporate customers, and named ” Business Design 1 “. The prices range from 45 eur 850 for a 518d Lounge to more than 54 000 euros for a 518d M Sport. Compared to the 520d (190 hp), the rate differential varies from 1 400 to 1 700 euros, depending on the finish.

Prices in € (06/2018) BMW 518d Lounge 45 850 Sport 50 550 Luxury 52 900 M Sport 54 050 Business Design 1 50 700


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