BMW 8-Series Convertible (2019) : The argus is already on board !

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The BMW 8 Series Convertible will be launched in France in march 2018, which is four months after the coupe. We have been able to discover it before its official presentation scheduled at the salon of Los Angeles.

After the coupe 8-Series launched in November 2018, BMW will present its declination convertible available in march 2019. Price, performance, but also interior space and handling of the canopy, The argus provides you with all the details of the new 8-Series convertible after the discovery of the first…

The american public appreciates the augustus convertibles with four seats. Then to thank her first market, the predecessor to the BMW 6-Series was first presented in version discoverable, six months before the coupe. Not this time.

Like to shout to the world its new priority (the dynamics rather than the comfort of fleece, read our test BMW M850i Coupe), the BMW 8 Series was first presented as a coupe and now launch his roof… who seems equally determined to speed up the heart rate of its passengers. We’ll get to that.


A BMW 8-Series for soft top

Like the 6 Series, the 8 Series Convertible remains faithful to the soft top. Good news for the overweight, limited to 125 kg compared to the coupe), the boot volume, announced to 350 l (just 70 l of less), but also the speed of execution : 15 seconds is enough to unfold or fold the canvas (the 6 Series called for up to 24 seconds to the closing), and the maneuver becomes possible up to 50 km/h unless you want to open remotely from the key switch to touch-screen…

In the cabriolet position, the 8-Series exudes all the elegance of its lines : 4.85 m long, wheels up to 20 inches, chrome bead around the passenger compartment and right profile, immutable, recalling the first hours of the convertible four-seater BMW. Despite its generous dimensions, however, the Cabriolet Series 8 is, like the coupe, more of a “2+2” as a four-seater. Or even, a “2+1”.


On board of A convertible BMW Series 8

With the exception of the electrically-operated soft-top (located in front of the gear lever) and small nozzles heating housed in the headrest, convertible, Series 8 shows no difference with the coupe for the front seats.

The massive center console reveals a generous storage under the armrest, a display of 12.3 inches, replace the meter needle, and the central display touch-10.25-inch receives the last interface BMW menus customizable. The leather extended to dash and door serves the perceived quality, while the windscreen is short (another benefit of the soft top, possibly a long one) bodes well to take advantage of the sun in the cabriolet position.

A pleasure that will remain, alas, selfish, as the rear seats remain virtual : place the legs almost non-existent folders very vertical and “eaten” by the side reinforcements. Only superiority, compared to the coupe ? The absence of roof, soft top open, which will avoid most of 1m60 to bend the head to do not touch the flag.

So it is best to enjoy the 8-Series to two, the rear seats and is condemned by the deflector supplied as standard. In this regard, the small vertical rear window glass of the 6 Series, that could be wound electrically, hood open (or lowered soft top closed), has here disappeared.


Of the sport, even in the 8-Series Cabriolet

Like the coupe, the 8-Series Convertible comes standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive xDrive, rear-wheel guidance and suspension-driven adaptive. The state of the art version M850i (here photographed) adds the rear differential, M Sport driven electronically, and can accommodate optional anti-roll bars are active (+ 2 700 €), which serve both efficiency curves and comfort in a straight line.

What to enjoy without the restraint of the 530 hp from the V8 petrol M850i, coupled with a single other version in diesel engine. Called 840d, it already employs a six-cylinder, 320 hp and 680 Nm of torque (see technical sheets below). The hardliners will await them with the likely version of the M8, which is expected well beyond 600 hp. As we mentioned in the introduction, the 8-Series Convertible enjoys the sport…


Pricing and competition 8 Series Convertible

The BMW 8-Series Cabriolet will be marketed in France in march 2019, the minimum price of 107 700 €, which is 8 000 € more than the coupe to version of the same. The range is “copied-pasted” onto that of the latter, with four different finishes available in diesel 840d and a unique finish M Performance petrol M850i :

  840d xDrive 320 hp M850i xDrive 530 ch – Series 8 107 700 € – M Sport 113 000 € – M Sport Technic 116 850 € – M-Performance – 132 750 €

Has 132 750 €, this last will have to compare his coat to those of several models, equally high-end and systematically more expensive : an Aston Martin DB11 Flying (V8 510 hp) starts at 199 712 €, a Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet (6 cylinder 530 horsepower) starts at 193 175 €, a Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet ranges between 159 000 € (V8 469 hp) and 212 of 300 € (V8 AMG-612 hp). What virtually consider the BMW 8-Series Cabriolet as a discoverable luxury good market !

Dimensions the BMW 8-Series Coupe

Length : 4,84 m (4.85 m for M850i)

Width : 1.90 m

Height : 1,34 m

Wheelbase : 2.82 m

Volume of trunk : 350 l

Fuel tank capacity : 66 l diesel, 68 l of petrol

Spare wheel : no, repair kit

Technical data sheet BMW 8-Series Coupe





6-cylinder diesel engine

V8 gas


2 993

4 395

Power (hp at rpm)

320 4 400

530 as soon as 5 500


680 as early as 1 750

750 as early as 1 800


Automatic, 8-speed

Weight (empty) (kg)

2 030

2 090

Pneumatic AV

245/40 R19

245/35 R20

Tyres AR

275/35 R19

275/30 R20


Max speed (km/h)



0 to 100 km/h (sec.)

The 5.2

The 3.9


Mixed (L/100 km)

6.2 6.3

9.9 to 10

CO2 emissions (g/km)

From 161 to 165

225 to 229

Malus ecological 2019

3 290 3 853 €

10 500 €




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