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So far, most of the leaders drove in a BMW with a thick service car to and from work. As a remedy for the Munich transport chaos of the auto manufacturer offers its employees an Alternative to E-Bikes.

In the fight against congestion and shortage of Parking space in Munich, the BMW group has taken an unusual measure: to Its employees at the headquarters in the Bavarian capital, the car manufacturer now offers a service of bicycles, to move to switch to a more environmentally-friendly and space-saving means of transport.

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“The threat of traffic gridlock, we can’t stop with cars,” said BMW works Council chief Manfred Schoch of the MIRROR. “The core problem is commuter traffic, and we have to find completely new solutions.” (Click here to read the whole story in the new MIRROR.)

Since the beginning of September, employees in Munich can therefore bicycles to lease. Instead of using a HP-strong premium car, you should drive in the future with the electric bike to work. The cost of often several Thousand euros expensive E-Bikes will then be offset against the performance-related remuneration.

The BMW works Council are hoping for relief for the Munich city traffic. “We have 40,000 employees in Munich,” said Schoch, “if only ten per cent require of them on a bike, you could close two Park houses”.

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