BMW M340i : the new 3 Series goes to six cylinders

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Has just output, the new BMW 3 Series encanaille with this new version M340i xDrive.

A month after the presentation of the seventh generation of its sedan 3 Series, BMW lifts the veil on its first variant sports M340i xDrive. It adopts a six-cylinder in-line 374 ch.

During his recent presentation at the Mondial de Paris, the new BMW 3 Series only had engine, 4-cylinder engine under its hood, in diesel as in gasoline. One would then have feared that the best-seller bavarian-are no longer entitled to the so-called block six-cylinder in-line, outside of the very sporty M3.

But as the fans of the brand can rest assured, BMW today unveiled a new version M340i xDrive, high of 374 hp from a six-cylinder 3.0 turbo. As its name indicates, this M340i is necessarily associated with the transmission integral xDrive, automatic transmission Steptronic eight-speed is imposed.


Almost an M3…

All this arsenal associated with the generous torque of 500 Nm, allows the Series 3 to show beautiful performance, with a 0 to 100 km/h shot down in the 4.4 s. The competing Audi S4, including the V6, 3.0 turbo develops 20 hp (354 hp), has thus distanced of three-tenths (to 4.7 s), while the old M3 to 431 hp is almost caught up (at 4.1 s with the box DKG). This promises for the future M3 !

The large exhaust outlets are specific to the M340i, as the wheels 18-inch M.

The M340i has more than a few technical refinements, such as a specific suspension M differential, M Sport, or even a braking system optimized. Visually, only a few subtle details distinguish the M340i of the other 3 Series, as the wheels 18-inch M, whose gray hue is repeated on the grille or the hulls of mirrors.

The new BMW M340i xDrive will be entitled to his first walkabout for the lounge of Los Angeles, which will open its doors on 30 November. It will, however, wait until the month of July 2019 for it to do its entry on the market.


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