BMW Vision iNext (2021). A vision of the future SUV electric

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Less than 48 hours before the presentation of the Audi e-tron, BMW unveils the Vision iNext, SUV, electric, connected and stand-alone version of the series will arrive on the market in 2021. And why not under the name iX5 ?

BMW on all fronts ! Then he renews and extends its range of classic to not-timed (read the calendar secret of the future BMW until 2024), the manufacturer of munich is investing heavily on the electric as twelve vehicles 100% electric will be launched by 2025.

In addition to the Mini power by 2019, BMW lifts the veil on his program : iX3 in 2020 (270 hp and 400 km of autonomy), i4, 2021 (600 km range) and a possible iX5 prefigured by the concept Vision iNext to the same date. Produced in the factory of Dingolfing in Germany, this vehicle will be the flag-bearer of the strategy of the marquepuisqu’it will be the first electric vehicle to be connected and stand-alone.

700 km of autonomy

If BMW is not communicating on the traction chain, it is known that this SUV as the i4 will benefit from the fifth-generation electric motors from 2021. Batteries state of the art will permit up to 700 km of autonomy. Surprising aesthetically, the Vision iNext is part of the continuity of the concept i Vision Dynamics (future i4), but also of the current i3 at the level of the rear door (off-hook of the beltline) and the amount back. This concept adopts them, like her, the back doors opening opposite and without feet in the middle.

As in a living room

The autonomous control will revolutionize the cockpit of the cars. This concept offers two driving modes : Boost (the steering wheel and the instrumentation facing the driver) and Ease (the steering wheel retracts and the screens give access to a panel of entertainment). The occupants feel like their living room : the commands are embedded in materials, so-called smart grids (fabric or wood), the central console between the two seats takes the form of a coffee table and personal assistant allows you voice access to all connected services.

In world tour

To present its concept, BMW has seen it big by harnessing a Boeing 777 Freighter Lufthansa. Thus, it will circumnavigate the world in five days, with stopovers in Munich, New York, San Francisco and Beijing. The choice of the city of California, is not a coincidence. Audi will unveil on Monday its first SUV, electric, e-tron while the Vision iNext will make its debut at the salon of Los Angeles during November. The war on the market of SUV electric is only the beginning. For example, in this month of September, the three German manufacturers have unveiled their proposal in the short or medium term : the e-tron to Audi, the EQC for Mercedes and the Vision iNext at BMW.


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