BMW X2 M35i : the X2 runs wild

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The new X2 M35i develops 306 hp with its turbocharged four-cylinder.

BMW is offering a sporty version of its small SUV in him sticking an M Performance badge. In the program : 306 hp delivered to all four wheels and from a… four-cylinder turbo.

With its X1, BMW never went in search of its competitors Audi and Mercedes in the field of the compact SUV sports. While the RS Q3 would deliver up to 367 hp in the version Performance, the GLA 45 AMG culminates always to 381 hp. For its part, the X1 has never exceeded the 245 hp of the old version 28i present on the first generation.

It may be observed in the rear spoiler specific as well as the two large exhaust tailpipes.

One of the missions of the X2, which is the penchant turbulent sage X1, therefore, was to reaffirm the sportiness of the firm bavarian on this niche small SUV. Today it is thing made with the new variant M35i which is presented to us. However, as the fans of the brand don’t get too carried away. Despite this appellation, which recalls the ancient versions M135i and M235i models compact, the X2 M35i only carries no noble six-cylinder engine under its hood.


306 hp and a chassis sharpened

The 306 hp and 450 Nm are in effect issued by a four-cylinder 2.0 turbo associated with automatic transmission with eight reports. Fortunately, the X2 sports has all the same, the awd xDrive and therefore is not a pull-up. The honor is except… The announced performances are of a good level, with a 0 to 100 km/h shot in 4.9 s, even if the GLA 45 AMG retains a comfortable lead (4,4 s).

However, the X2 M35i could make the difference with his rivals on the dynamic plan, thanks to its chassis sharpened and, in particular, its suspension, M Sport specific (suspension, adaptive is available as an option). We note in addition the presence of a differential M Sport on the front, which allows to limit the loss of grip in tight curves. Finally, the braking system is also optimized.

On the aesthetic level, this X2 dévergondé stands out from the other versions by only a few details such as the front apron with air intakes are optimized, the rear spoiler specific, the two large outlets of the Sports exhaust, or wheels M Sport 19 inch. Inside, note the leather steering wheel M Sport or even the thresholds of doors specific. On the other hand, the new seats, M Sport, available with three different finishes, are part of the list of options.

The production of this new X2 M35i will start in November 2018, but the first deliveries will not take place not before the spring of 2019 for the european market. The tariff has not yet been communicated, but it should largely exceed 50 000 €.


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