BMW X7 (2019) : our impressions to the edge of the large SUV with 7 seats

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The BMW X7 will be released in France in march 2019. Its basic price will be 94 400 €.

The BMW X7 coiffera the range of SUV bavarian manufacturer, in march 2019. This lucky number testify that he is the alter ego SUV limousine 7 Series and also indicates the maximum number of seats. Discovery.

Despite its version 7-seater, the BMW X5 has never managed to worry about its rivals the Audi Q7 and Mercedes GLS. In September 2017, the brand munich declared his intention of coming to play in the big league… SUV, with the unveiling, at the Frankfurt motor show, the concept car BMW X7 iPerformance. Here, today, the version of the series called, logically, the BMW X7. Marketed in march 2019, it will have its first bath of the crowd, not at the World Auto in Paris, which has just shut its doors, but at the salon of Los Angeles in 2018, next December.

Audi Q7 Mercedes GLS

Three years to the day after its rival direct, the Mercedes GLS who had chosen the edition 2015 of the same show to make his appearance.

BMW X7 : a SUV to u.s. The BMW X7 is long of 5.15 m and sits on a wheelbase of 3.12 m.

BMW has seen it big ! Long-5.15 m, which is 23 cm more than the new BMW X5, the BMW X7 is also 2 cm more imposing than the Mercedes GLS, and 10 cm longer than the Audi Q7. The message is clear, by the size, the X7 becomes the new boss of the segment ! The BMW X7 is top of 1.80 m and sits on a wheelbase is 3,12 mr.


The BMW X7 will propose two architectures, interior. The conventional, offers 7-passenger seating, with a bench seat type 40/20/40 in the second row. The other, more high-end, account for only 6, with the center of the cabin, two armchairs independent, each with a central armrest. Six or seven places, it is a choice that also offers the Tesla Model X (5m). But this last is not the target of the X7, the brand munich in store for him a response specific : the series version of the BMW concept iNext that will be released in 2021.

The X7 has two ambitions major product in the plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, it perfectly meets the standards of the north american market. But its standing and its format “king size” and will delight also the chinese market.


A style a little tame

The BMW X7 has a front grille that looks good !

The concept car BMW X7 iPerformance we had left an aftertaste of caricature. Therefore, at the time of discovering the avatar series, we had a few apprehensions.

Of course, the BMW X7 sports a front grille is very imposing, but it was a little bit reduced in height. And this is not only to leave space for the registration plate that is not present, to the front, in 19 of the 51 american States.

No, the BMW X7 has filed these incisors to align his face. The same goes for the chrome elements surrounding the side air vents. The stern is obviously still very cubic, there is no other solution to offer of the interior space in the third row. However, the designers managed to give dynamism tilting amounts of the tailgate. At the rear, the vertical air intakes that balafraient the shields of the concept car have gone in the standard version. We will not complain.

The headband of chrome connecting the lights gum the sensation of height, and expands the whole. An element that brings class and affirms the kinship between the X7 and 7-Series BMW.


Another similarity between the patterns stamped a 7, a rear spoiler chrome on the front fender that extends in stressing the sidewall. This element of the design approaches as well as the BMW X7 the Range Rover that he also has to compete with. After this first round of the owner, the BMW X7 proves that it is not a simple X5 stretched. It has indeed its own identity.


Spirit deluxe Series 7 BMW X7 shares its dashboard with the BMW X5. But it takes care of its standing with materials that are more high-priced.

The dashboard of the BMW X7 is treated luxuriously. It has wood, chrome and leather. This leaves a good impression and manages to illusion. Nevertheless, the fact is, the furniture, the X7 is identical to that of the BMW X5. Witness also the technical endowment, such as the head-up display, high-cohabiting with the digital instrumentation BMW Live Cockpit and the touch screen of 12.3-inch diagonal, located in the top of the center console. This dashboard X5 ” endimanché “, so the 7 Series, will suit perfectly to the public american and chinese.


An SUV built for the family

Whereas in chapter roominess, the BMW X7 will not disappoint. In the second row, the seats overlook the front seat and the lateral glazed surface is important. The BMW X7 employs, to good effect, the recipe of the big mpvs. The glass roof panoramic is standard. All seats are power-adjustable, including the seat sliding.


The second rank of the BMW X7, the space for legs is generous. In the third rank, there is still a place proper for adults of 1.80 m.

This frees up a good access to the third row. At this spot, the guard on the roof and the space in the legs are correct for both adults of 1.80 m. the seat and the backrest are soft, the exact opposite of the jump seats of some SUVS !

“In the third row, passengers have their own glass roof and air conditioning controls“

This is not a punishment to travel in the “trunk” of the BMW X7, where the two passengers will receive their own glass roof (fixed), as well as a dual zone air conditioning with controls are placed within easy reach in the lodge. And to not feel cut off from the world, they reload their objects that are connected via fast USB-C.


A safe in the average Very livable, the BMW X7 promotes the space on board more than the boot volume.

As for the BMW X5, the tailgate of X7 has to be open with hands-free, and is divided into two parts. The dropside bottom lowers for easy loading, or use the opportunity to bench supports up to 250 kg (the weight of two average americans ?). The height of the threshold can be lowered electrically to 4 cm, thanks to the air suspension.

The volume of the trunk of the BMW X7 is 750 litres under the parcel shelf configuration in 5 places and reached 2 120 litres, in 2 places. There are not more than 326 litres in mode 6 or 7 places.

In comparison, the payload capacity of the Audi Q7 is in a range between 890 and 2 075 liters, because he made the choice to foster the cargo bay by limiting the space dedicated to the passengers of the third row. This is not the case of the Mercedes GLS, which boasts 295, 680, and 2 300 litres in 7.5 and 2 seats.


The engines and the price of the BMW X7 back, the BMW X7 cultivates the resemblance to the BMW 7 Series.

The palette of engines of the BMW X7 will be based, in France, around the diesel 30d 265 hp and M50d de 400ch, which will target the Audi SQ7. In essence, the 40i, fort 340ch, will be the only proposal. It was therefore that of the six-cylinder in-line with the program. On other markets, such as the United States or the Emirates, the V8 4.4 twin-turbo 530ch, just released by the BMW 8 Series will host the BMW X7 M50i. A hybrid version is expected to be in the program, but for now, it has not been formalized.

“A hybrid version of the BMW X7 is expected to be in the program, but it has not yet been made official“

A variation necessary to replicate in the Audi Q7 e-tron, and anticipate the arrival of the Mercedes SLA, which will be the hybrid version of the high-tech of the Mercedes GLS.

The price of the BMW X7

    X7 Exclusive M Sport M Performance xDrive30d to 265 hp 94 400 € 98 850 € 100 150 € – M50d 400 hp – – – 120 450 € xDrive40i 340 hp 96 300 € 100 750 € 102 050 € –

The BMW X7 will be sold in France in march 2019. The range will be available in four trim levels : X7, Exclusive, M Sport and M Performance. Prices start at 94 € 400 xDrive30d (265 hp) and reaches 120 € 450 in M50d M Performance.


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