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If you need space in the car to buy an SUV – but then goes to a Dump. Peugeot countered the Trend with the elegant Combi-508 SW. The French put on wood and metal instead of plastic.



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Tom Grünweg

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Monday, 04.02.2019
At 04:36

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The first impression is: Oh, là, là! Of the 508 as a combination is pretty. With the flat roof, the doors without the window frame, and the fine indented on the flip side, he makes it clear how plump and interchangeable most of the SUV.

Says the manufacturer: Steffen Raschig, the head of Peugeot in Germany, wants to by a decline in the multi-segment, do not know. There are signals: the VW Passat Variant is on the rocks. In the case of BMW or Mercedes quiet doubts about the continued are heard consisted of Touring – or T-models. But for Peugeot, Manager, Raschig, the Segment remains attractive. “Multi-models in Germany is still very popular,” he says. Therefore Peugeot wanted, with the 508 SW, accents and audiences back to conquer the bought least often SUV: families and company car drivers.

The we noticed: The 508 SW is not only pretty on the outside. In the upscale equipment of the car makes what it used to be. The Material and the architecture of the dashboard, in the Central part stands out. The few switches needed in addition to the touch screen, are arranged like a piano keyboard. They are made of metal instead of plastic and feel so good.

Photo gallery

Autograph Peugeot 508 SW:
Wood in the rear

Impractical the storage concept in the spacious car. Although two water bottles in the glove compartment, also the door pockets are large enough and in the center console storage space is available. However, the charging tray for mobile phone is far housed at the bottom of the center console between the Seats. Who looks between the discarded Smartphone, is distracted seconds.

Although the Peugeot people boast of their flagship sporty car, and on paper, 225 HP of power read, a Sprint of 8.2 seconds and a 245 km/h top for the Top of the range model full of promise.

But the flame of the joy of driving the wagon does not want to ignite. For this, the adaptive suspension is in sport mode, too soft and too vague, and the steering is too indirect. At the latest, on a winding country road, you will interfere with the so-called i-Cockpit. Especially the little steering Wheel irritated. So hand it may be in the city, so lax has the car in the case of a country in the grip. With a larger specimen, the developers would have been able to collect as many extra points as compared to the SUV, the high center of gravity and weight sick. Well, the high-set, digital instruments in the Cockpit. You are always in view and provide the starting and turning Off a graphics show.

Even otherwise, the 508 SW keeps inside with any all-terrain vehicle. In the second row of seats it is not, although a little tight, because the wheelbase is huge and the roof line is rather flat, so the car more streamlined. But the trunk is compared with other estate cars more than competitive. The tailgate opens electrically. The loading edge is low, and the volume ranges from 530 to 1780 liters. However, besides optics, which has a drawback – you can see to the rear hardly anything, because the tail is so slim and flat.

The need to know: The 508 SW comes in these days in the trade and cost at least 32.850 Euro. So he is 1200 Euro more expensive than the sedan. Drive and facilities are largely identical, there is therefore the SW with all sorts of assistance systems, to the night vision device, as well as three diesel engines from 130 to 180 HP and two diesel units with 180 or, as in the test car, with 225 HP. In the second half of the year, a Plug is intended to complement-in hybrid drive the offer.

We will not forget: The chic veneer, the trunk floor is designed. This is so far only known from the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake, or even more expensive cars. This posh pad is not really practical, because it is more delicate than carpet. But noble he looks, and recalls that the value-in-use in cars is all.

Vehicle registration certificate


508 SW (2019)


Four-Cylinder Turbo-Petrol Direct-Injection

Eight-Speed Automatic


1.598 ccm

225 HP (165 kW)

300 Nm

From 0 to 100:
8.2 s

Maximum speed:
245 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
5.7 liters

CO2 emissions:
132 g/km

530 litres

1,780 litres

1,500 kg

4790 / 1859 / 1420

46.700 EUR

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