Bosch CEO urges the car industry use in terms of climate protection

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Bosch CEO Denner, the car industry is when it comes to climate protection. In a guest post, he calls on the industry to do more than they have to by law. But as clean as the supplier is doing, he is not himself.

Bosch-Chef Volkmar Denner has been calling for a greater engagement of the car industry for the environment. “The automotive industry can do for climate protection more than she needs to,” wrote Denner in a guest contribution to the “Handelsblatt”.

After long negotiations, the EU member States had agreed in the night to Wednesday the fact that new cars should emit in 2030, an average of 35 percent less of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2020. The powerful German Association of the automotive industry (VDA), more than 600 companies in the industry are members, including Bosch, had criticized the compromise sharp. “Coated CO2 targets” would endanger Europe’s industrial base weaken and jobs, warned VDA-Chef Bernhard Mattes, immediately after the announcement of the compromise.

That suppliers such as Bosch for more environmental protection, say in the automotive industry is not entirely new. Already in the definition of the target CO2 values for the year 2020/21 Europe supplier Association Clepa had used for more pressure on the car manufacturers to exercise in order to promote technical innovation. The suppliers benefit from it, if the car companies have to incorporate new technology in their models. Meanwhile, companies such as Bosch or Continental, and provide about 75 percent of the parts for a new car.

Bosch is involved in diesel scandal

The plea of the Bosch CEO is an important contribution in the discussion for more climate protection. It shows that also the suppliers to maintain a higher CO2 reduction to be technically feasible. The VDA doubts: “With the vote, the opportunity has been missed to make the regulation of CO2 emissions for the period after 2021 economically and technically realistic,” it says. In the specific case of Bosch, the Statements appear to be particularly sensitive. Bosch is implicated as an automotive supplier in the diesel scandal. The company supplied VW with Software for the motor control of the rigged cars that emit more hazardous nitrogen oxides (NOx) than they should. NOx can lead to health damage in humans, in addition, it puts a strain on the Vegetation in a lot of ways. Against a number of Bosch employees under investigation for suspected aid to run. NOx, CO2 and particulate matter are among the most critical components of car exhaust gases.

Denner does not, in his guest post, only to look at the fuel consumption of a car, but the entire energy balance – that is, from the source of manufacture of the vehicle, up to the finished model. “The more comprehensive we capture the CO2 emissions, the more effective the fight against climate may be changing,” writes Denner. “As for the global climate, the direct emissions of the cars, but also the Emission of fuel – and electricity doesn’t count.”

It is not a decision between the combustion engine and the electric car, which is not apart of the fittings in the CO2 overall balance is far, Denner said. “It is time, it is not the recognised one off against the other, but on both sides of the right lever.”

Denner criticized the Federal government

The Bosch in-chief also criticised the Federal government for their withdrawal from the climate objectives for 2020: “This is a strange Serenity in the face of a global risk appears to be virtually incomprehensible.”


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