Bugatti Divo : for the weary of the Chiron !

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The new Bugatti Divo tribute to the French driver Albert Divo, at the end of the 1920s, won two victories at the Targa Florio at the wheel of a Bugatti.

A new Bugatti ? Rather a declination boosted the Chiron for the millionaires believe that 1 500 hp to 1 990 kg, this is still a lack of spice. Info, photos and technical specifications of the Divo, just for fun… because it is no longer for sale.

Eludons quickly a subject is frivolous, the price of the Bugatti Divo : 5 million euros (excluding taxes, of course), which is two million more than the recent Chiron. This has not prevented Bugatti to sell the 40 copies of the Divo in a few minutes, at a private event reserved to a handful of owners of Chiron.

Bugatti does not specify how were selected these “prospects” (the production of the Chiron should reach 500 copies in total, but some customers undecided on the color to control several…). Recall that, on average, a customer Bugatti has 84 cars, several private jet, and at least one yacht : a little bit of exclusivity in their garage will therefore be all about.

Sold at a price of 5 million euros, the Divo will be produced only 40 copies

Let’s just hope that Bugatti has collected the cheque of booking prior to the announcement of the features of the Divo… Power ? 1 500 hp, just like a Chiron classic. Max speed ? Limited to 380 km/h, when a Chiron peaks at 420 km/h. The Divo would be still 8 seconds faster than a Chiron on the circuit of handling of Nardo in Italy, in favor of other improvements.

A weight reduction of 35 kg, initially, through the employment of lightweight alloy rims, carbon fiber for the casing of the cooler charge-air, an audio system eased, and the removal of some insulating materials. The downforce maximum is also increased from 90 kg via a new front spoiler, and a rear spoiler, which expanded by 23% compared to the Chiron.

Less than Chiron in a straight line, the Divo is expected to be more effective in cornering and braking. It remains homologated for the road.

As for the chassis, it receives its share of changes : damper settings and steering energized, and a camber (tilt of the wheel relative to its vertical axis) the more important that explains the new “limit” of the speed at 380 km/h.

The message of sportsmanship increased finally passes, and especially by the dress, more aggressive than that of Chiron. The curved lines of the latter, give rise to multiple edges, highlighting sometimes a new entry of air, sometimes of the optics reviewed : the eight rectangular headlights of the Chiron leave room for hooks LED totally integrated into the front fenders, while the long (and questionable) fire across the back of the Chiron is replaced by a bunch of LEDS seeming to point the pursuers… Spectacular !

The interior is not less, mixing different tones of blue in an asymmetric fashion (the driving position appears more bright than the rest of the cabin). The blue the more ” flashy “, specific to his majesty Divo, also covers external elements, is inviting even on the sides of the tires. The Bugatti Divo, or the cult of exclusivity…

The bright blue covers only a part of the interior… …but will prompt on the tires !

Technical data sheet Bugatti Divo

L x w x h 4,64 x 2.02 x 1,21 m

Wheelbase 2,71 m

Weight 1 960 kg

Tank 100 litres

Engine W16, 7 993 cm3, four turbos

Box Robotised dual-clutch transmission and seven reports

Transmission permanent all-wheel

0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 s

A maximum speed of 380 km/h

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