Cabinet decides to tax advantage for electric service, car

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As the official car used by the electric cars to benefit in terms of taxation. A corresponding draft law, the Federal Cabinet decided now.

The Federal Cabinet has decided to venture a billion-dollar promotion of electric cars as a service.

Previously, an employee who uses his company car for private needs, on a monthly basis a percentage of the list price values as a non-cash benefit is taxable. So more cars with electric or Plug-in hybrid, fleets of companies and public authorities actuators in the vehicle, is soon to apply only half of the list price.

The new feature will cost the state for the years 2019 to 2021 to around 1.8 billion Euro. It remains to be seen whether the measure will be limited for this period.

The ecologically oriented transport club of Germany calls for the halving of the monetary advantage to extend also to service bicycles, which is not previously planned. It is also questionable whether countries agree to the project in the Bundesrat. You have to bear half of the loss of tax revenue.


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