California allows driverless cars on the road

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The space behind the steering Wheel is left blank: Google’s sister company, Waymo is allowed to send as the first company in the car without a driver on California’s roads. Are allowed even high speeds.

In California for the first time, cars without drivers may not be on public roads. Google’s sister company, Waymo must leave your car, first of all, around the company’s headquarters in Mountain View and Palo Alto, as the Waymo announced.

In this part of the Silicon Valley self-driving cars of Waymo are already for some years on the road – but so far always with a safety driver, the guides in case of emergencies or brakes. Overall, the car would have traveled about 16 million kilometres on public roads, it said.

In Arizona Waymo.

In neighboring Arizona, with its loose road traffic laws Waymo may already send cars without driver on the roads. In the state the company is building a robot taxi service for inhabitants of a suburb of the city of Phoenix, the residents from the end of the year.

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California has much stricter rules for Robots. These need to be tested, particularly high technical standards equipped and hacker attacks to be protected. In the state a total of around 60 companies, including German car manufacturers and suppliers have the permit for a robot-car drivers test.

Speeds of up to 105 km/h allowed

Waymo is allowed to use cars without a human at the wheel in the city, on country roads and motorways. You are allowed to drive with up to 105 km/h and also in fog and light rain. The requirements, according to a Waymo do not need to remain the robot car, when he did not know how to proceed in a traffic situation. The use of the area in Silicon Valley is to be extended with the time.

Waymo was born from the robot project cars from Google, since 2009, self-driving were sent at the end of all cars on the road.

Developers of robot cars promises that you will make the road much safer. Finally, more than 90 percent of accidents declined, according to the US traffic authority NHTSA errors of people. When self-driving end cars, however, in a big way on the road, is open.

This year there was the first fatal accident involving a robot car: A car from Uber with the safety of the driver captured during a test drive in Arizona, in the darkness of a pedestrian that crossed the multi-lane road and a Bicycle pushed. A detailed investigation report on this accident.


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