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Courts impose the ban because of poor air driving ban driving. Now, Daimler and VW have said at a Meeting with Minister of transport, scouring some money for retrofits – under conditions.

While the administrative courts, with their Judgments prohibited from driving because of the bad air in the cities, long facts to create, met the Federal transport Minister Andreas Scheuer with managers of German car companies. The CSU-politicians, and the major car producers have agreed after a long discussion about the handling of Diesel cars on a compromise.

In the foreground is the discount offers of the manufacturers of Old cars in cleaner vehicles, there would still Scheuer said. Volkswagen and Daimler were willing to let the exhaust gas cleaning of the remaining older cars up to 3000 Euro retrofit. This should apply to “manufacturer-specific” measures, which include Hardware retrofits.

BMW reject it, but with the support with the same amount, the holder of the older Diesel for a new purchase. The offers are subject also to an additional condition. You should only apply for holders in the highest with the nitrogen oxide polluted regions.

No approved catalytic Converter retrofit kits

“We have made the German manufacturers a constructive result,” said Scheuer after the Meeting with industry representatives. Daimler had already offered before 2400 euros per retrofit for its Diesel cars by owners in so-called core regions. The group claimed that the retrofits would have to be certified by the Federal motor transport authority and approved – and “proved to entitle the holder, in certain cities, in streets with vehicle run-in is prohibited.”

Currently there are, according to Scheuer, no approved catalytic Converter retrofit kits available for Euro 5 vehicles. Technical solutions were “unfortunately not in the short term available on the market”. Therefore, there is also “no”.


Oliver Blume, head of Porsche AG, as the representative of the VW group to the Meeting

BMW rejects Hardware to retrofit older diesel cars also after the Meeting, continue to be strict and full back receives the coverage of the workers. Works Council chief Manfred Schoch accused the Federal government on Thursday, “to shear all with the same brush” and “threatening jobs of those workers who have already produced clean Diesel”.

BMW: Hardware upgrade leads to higher consumption

BMW CEO Harald Kr├╝ger said: “A Hardware upgrade leads to more weight and higher fuel consumption.” New diesel technology could also not useful to cars, “which have been developed years ago and in full the admission requirements of the EU”.

The Grand coalition had decided in the fight against driving bans due to the nitrogen oxide burden in the beginning of October a package of exchange premiums for newer cars, and the so-called Hardware upgrade at the expense of the industry. The groups offered, although purchase incentives for lower emissions vehicles, refused so far, but to assume the entire cost of the retrofitting of diesel engines of Euro-5 standard.


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