Car Dashcams failure in case of an emergency

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With Dashcams, a growing number of car drivers is to secure evidence in case of accidents. But the Test of a scientific journal: in critical situations, the cameras are unreliable.

Dashcams are growing in popularity, but much of the available devices do not seem to meet expectations. All nine devices tested by the computer magazine “c’t” (issue 20/18), in cooperation with the ADAC, failed when it mattered.

According to the study, no device was able to detect critical situations, as well as to make good shots of them. In addition, the cameras can be used for many accident scenarios blind, because your view angle is almost continuous to the front, complained the Tester.

Cameras do not activate themselves in sticky situations

In may, the Federal court of justice, dash Cam had authorised-recordings as evidence in court. The recordings were against the law on data protection – however, since the accident involved anyway would have information to Person, insurance and driving licence, this is of secondary importance.

The permanent Record, however, remains inadmissible. So far, most of the cameras, however, can hardly, even in sticky situations. “The function to detect an accident, a quick swerve or emergency braking, failed in the Test to often,” noted the expert. Relevant photographs were also backed up with a delete protection.

Sometimes the devices are the professionals, even to the security risk. The holders of the majority of the cameras failed at the crucial moment, and a Dashcam even flew freely through the vehicle.


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