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Michael Happily gave to his 50. Birthday 50 vintage cars, all built in 1950. This was in the year 2000. Today, the cars rot in a forest, as their owner wished it.


Andreas Fechner

By Sören Harder

Sören Harder

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Saturday, 11.10.2014
At 07:21

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Michael Fröhlich has a Porsche 356, a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, two-automobile treasures from the year 1950. Normal car collectors treat these vehicles in the rule, with devoted love. Do not move the classic car in a dry Garage, maybe covered by a blanket or a cloth. Not a speck of dust to get to the paint, not a drop of Rain the danger of Rusting. But Froehlich’s cars are not covered. He makes between shrubs and trees in a forest to rot. Along with 48 other classics, all built in 1950.

Some car lovers will now swelling of the comb. Apart from the historical value of the grove nothing better to do than in Michael Froehlich’s – it’s part of his private property, near Düsseldorf in the neander valley – a assets. Alone, the Jaguar XK 120, and one of the neglected Ensemble, today would be around 150,000 euros.

But money and the opinions of others seem to be playing for Michael Fröhlich has no role.

“Because of the Girls”

The necessary Budget for a private property with an eccentric collection of vintage cars which he has earned, among other things, as the owner of a fashion company. “Because of the Girls,” says Cheerful, he entered into the fashion business. He is also a car dealer and drove the race. The latter, “because of women”.

Michael Fröhlich – 64 years old, slim, Jeans, dark blue jacket with a vest and a turquoise colored shirt – Bon vivant of the old school. To date, he receives in his dealership. All the walls are covered with articles about him on tape: His women, his race, his successes and his crises. “I’m not the media away”, as he puts it. For this reason, left to rot in front of his house also dream cars door apparently. The collection was a sensational self-gift to his fiftieth birthday.

“My father brought me back to the idea, he said I had to make it to your birthday party something Crazy,” says Cheerful. The car graveyard is a picture book about feral vehicles inspired him also. “Even as a child, morbidity fascinated me,” says Cheerful.

A customer Student and a suspicious seller

The plot with the classic cars is not far from Froehlich’s work. You pass through the gates of the approximately 20,000 square feet of forest estate, you are surrounded by decay. The vehicles are under the trees, from the rust of the discs corroding, blind, with flattened tires. In addition, every few meters there is a white floor lamp, model DIY. Car collections of professionals are usually characterised by the fact that all the copies linked. In the car, Happy it is the year of manufacture. The Park of overgrown Oldies is a tribute to the Vintage 1950’s – Vintage. Fittingly, exactly 50 cars Parking in the grove.

However, some vehicles have recalls Cheerfully to the procurement. “The Jaguar I’ve had,” he says. A lovingly restored black Buick he bought back for 17,000 marks to a student. “As the later has noticed, what happened to the car, he was naturally a little excited.” For a Citroën 11 CV, he has paid 10,000 marks, “the three-times what he was worth!” The owner had disassembled the car, therefore, in all of the individual parts: “The thought, in the Citroën, there’s something hidden valuable. I wanted to just keep one from the year 1950.”

“I just wanted to freeze the Situation of 1950”

“Just in the first few years, I get hostile,” says Cheerful. Meanwhile, however, the car cemetery is a tourist attraction: for school classes, seniors groups and photographers to visit, and, on request, Happily let them use the land. “I wanted to just freeze the Situation in 1950,” he says. “The of the cars.”

Today, it seems, however, as I celebrated with the wild cars especially the Moment: “at that Time, 14 years ago,” he recalls, “were loaded to 500 guests. Came then more than a thousand.” The television was in there, Girls. Cheerful: “I think that was the biggest Party in Germany.”

There are probably people that this view is not necessarily with the 64-Year-olds share. As well as dealing with classic cars, many suspect, is likely to be. From the witnesses today, bottles are still tons of empty sections, were disposed of in a Citroën 2CV, a duck built in 1950. “That was the garbage can of the Party,” says Cheerful.

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