Chancellor Merkel wants a Hardware upgrade for old diesel cars

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The Chancellor has determined: she wants to leave Diesel with nitrogen oxide catalysts to retrofit, and has condemned CSU transport Minister Scheuer to provide the legal solutions. On Sunday, he needs to deliver.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided in the diesel dispute according to the information of the MIRROR for Hardware retrofits in older vehicles. She has asked the German Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) to develop a legislative solution to upgraded vehicles of the pollutant class Euro 5, in the driving zones of the inner cities will be allowed to enter.

Merkel is not likely to have been in a good mood, as they Scheuer last Thursday in your office received. Previously, CSU leader Horst Seehofer and the SPD had been Chairman, Andrea Nahles, to talk about the future of the controversial protection of the Constitution President.

Merkel wants the issue off the table

However, Merkel took time with a shy, because she wanted to discuss a particularly important concern: the question of Hardware retrofit vehicles with diesel. The CDU Chairman wants to have the annoying issue from the table, but their Minister of transport, it is constantly.

Merkel had determined, and so you informed the Scheuer: you want to vehicles, the subsequent installation of nitrogen-oxide catalysts in the affected. In such Devices, urea (Ad Blue) cleans the exhaust gases. The Federal government is currently negotiating behind the Scenes with the car companies on a participation in such a retrofitting solution.

Scheuer favored in contrast to Merkel, this is a reprint of a purchase premium, with diesel drivers to exchange their old cars against new. On Sunday, wants to meet Merkel initially, with an abrasive and then with the representatives of the car industry. It is also the Express wish of the Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier (CDU), is of the essence with a view to the driving judgment in Frankfurt and the upcoming parliamentary elections prohibition on a provision in the Diesel.

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