Chancellor wants to make it difficult to Diesel-driving bans in cities by law

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Diesel driving bans finds its disproportionate when the air pollution exceeds the permitted limit value is low, the Chancellor, and wants to complicate the driving bans now with a change in the law.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to increase the hurdles for the imposition of Diesel-driving bans in cities. In the view of the CDU driving prohibitions are not in the case of a minor Exceeding of the limit value for nitrogen dioxide “relatively,” said Merkel on Sunday after a meeting of the party committees in Berlin. Therefore, your party wants to change the law so that driving bans would be classified in such cases as disproportionate.

In 51 cities in Germany, there are overruns, according to Merkel only a minor Limit. Here measures adopted to improve the air enough already – Merkel called Software Updates for diesel cars and Hardware retrofits for small truck trader, municipal commercial vehicles and buses. In 14 other cities should, however, be done. This also includes “actions of the automobile industry belonged to,” said Merkel. This had destroyed “a massive confidence,” she said, with a view to the Diesel-manipulation in the case of several manufacturers.

In Berlin, there will be starting in mid-2019 from range bans, the local administrative court at the beginning of October. In Hamburg there since may of 2018, bans on the Max-Brauer-Allee. A large-scale driving ban starts at the beginning of 2019 in Stuttgart. Also in Munich, have to be included according to the administrative court driving bans in the clean air plan. The government, however, is locked, however, and therefore pay a symbolic penalty.

Merkel does not expect a driving ban for Frankfurt

In Frankfurt am Main, Germany is still fighting a driving ban. Actually, the city must exclude from February 2019 diesel cars standards Euro 1 to 4 and gasoline standards 1 to 2. However, the Hessian state government appealed against the judgment of Wiesbaden administrative court of appeal.

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Driving prohibitions:
In these German cities Diesel are undesirable

Merkel said that it expected the implementation of the Diesel-driving ban for Frankfurt. Also the Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier not be attributed to the fact that the arranged driving get ban. “I will do everything to prevent the ban”, said the CDU politician, the next Sunday at the state election in Hesse for re-election. The arranged driving ban for Frankfurt is regarded as a sensitive election issue, especially for tens of thousands of commuters and Diesel-owners in the Metropolitan area of Frankfurt.


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