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Vessel traffic: The long RX lack of joyful movement.
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Eleven inches longer than the normal version: The Lexus RX 450hL space for seven passengers. With folded he will Sit to the truck with a luxury feel.

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          If the car is not a Omni or a van, then more than two Seating rows are always a rudeness. Of course, for the very back of referred passengers. This is especially true for SUV seven-seater, which in comparison to the normal version is only an extra portion of length has a willing to piece. The Lexus RX 450hL has been to eleven inches without any growth in the wheelbase, only in the rear, measured on a five-Meter-extended. This is not without consequences for the rims.

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          For example, in old German Parking garages, the spindle ramps were still in the times of the Goggomobils must be generated. Well sharp for 79,800 euros in the price list for the test RX 450hL car as a Luxury-Line Version. The eleven inches shorter Luxury-Line-version on 76.550 Euro, cheaper than the more spacious five-seater, therefore, 3250 Euro. Only use due to the additional chairs are in the back and should be interpreted as the jump seats only for children or small-and narrow-grown passengers. However, the approach succeeds to the rear without any artistic skills.

          Because the middle row with one hand your two outer seats handle obedience about 15 inches to the front of the slide and opens a sufficiently broad approach. The step width in the entrance area measures forty inches with a twenty-inch-wide bottleneck. We had tried to accommodate a 178-cm tall, highly articulated, but long-legged female person here, what was pulled. However, the apex chafed, despite the constructive pasted Dent in the roof of the sky unpleasant. In addition, travel on bumpy road for the test to avoid unpleasant contacts of the head and roof panel: There is a lack in the rear because of the higher Seating position of head – and legroom, the experiment was terminated. Children liked to short distances from the lake to the castle bread, the time of the stay in the rear. Two buttons in the cargo area for the left and right of the third row is shared or completely sunk into the ground, and the seatbacks fold forward, and it awaits a completely flat, well loading level: This means that the charging depth of savings to seeds 55 centimeters in the case of active third-party series on a generous 108 inches. In addition folded down the middle seats to the front, then the RX 450hL mutated to the Transporter with luxury feeling: a Good 200 inches of load length and a width of up to 130 centimeters are good trips for the most demanding Jam.

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          Less pleasing are the limitations on the technical nature side of the long RX: Because Lexus as a brand is core to the mixing operation, it is equipped with the spacious SUV exclusively with hybrid technology. And in connection with the once notorious as famous CVT transmission. It is now much more convenient and spontaneous to work, and the former slope of the high rotation without a corresponding increase in performance is hardly to be found. However, there is a lack of the length RX of agility and joyful mobility. At the sheer power it can be.

          After all, the petrol V6 will bring it with 262 HP from a displacement of 3.5 litres and the two electric motors (power front 167 HP and rear 68 HP) on a system output of 230 kW/313 HP. Thus, of the almost 2.3 tons weighing RX 450hL came to us in about nine seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h, and the speedometer displayed a maximum of 191 km/h, then it was limited. Thanks to hybrid technology, the predominantly front-wheel-drive Lexus in certain operating conditions of the four-wheel drive, because the electric Motor in the rear of acts for example, in the case of abrupt acceleration on the rear axle. The large Display clearly shown, the activity of the energy recovery by recuperation attending hybrid drive remained without Sensation. We calculated an average fuel consumption of 9.2 litres / 100 kilometres. Part 7.0-7.3 litres of good sections, minimum values of the Tank has a capacity of 65 litres.

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          Also in this after the WLTP tested Hybrid Lexus the vast amount of propulsion energy is generated not through recuperation, but by the Burning of gasoline. But with driving bans in German cities will have to be in the RX 450hL probably not to be expected.

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