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The thickness of the electric SUV for 15,000 euros: Chinese car manufacturer to attack Western corporations with force. How far along the newcomers have come, a tour of the trade fair of Guangzhou.


Tom Grünweg

From Guangzhou Tom Grünweg reported

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 20.11.2018
04:32 PM

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The market has cooled somewhat recently, however, China remains by far the largest PS-Nation in the world: From January to October, 2018 were approved in the people’s Republic of 18 million vehicles. In the EU, there were 13 million, in the US, with 14 million.

From this position, China’s importers, especially those from Germany have so far benefited. The Chinese brands have ignored motorists largely, in a foreign country, you were ridiculed for a long time.

Lush electric SUV for 15,000 euros

However, times are changing rapidly, local manufacturers are catching up. So Geely is indented as the first group without the Joint Venture Partner is already third in the manufacturer standings- after the Duo of FAW and Volkswagen, and the local General Motors branch.

The turning point, however, you should not only with Figures but also with impressions. Who in the West, largely unnoticed – auto show in Guangzhou stroll, will not come out from the Amazement. There, lush electric-SUV, for example, with decent range, which should only cost 15,000 euros. Here is the model list:

With these models, China is

A solid car: vehicles such as the Geely Battle, to a VW T-Roc reminds, show: China’s new models have the stuff, the power structure in the HP world to change.

While electric mobility in Germany is rather a topic for the wealthy, in China, the volume of manufacturers in this field already well occupied: The Geely GS5e , for example, with its 350 kilometres, a model for the mass market and on the streets of Shanghai or Beijing, so present as a Mercedes A-class.

A Maybach SUV study with level rear of the auto show in Beijing in the spring is only a study. The Chinese manufacturer Wey to get serious with this intersection and announces for the spring of this P8 GT . The continued trunk is the only special feature. The Chinese celebrate the P8 GT as the first SUV-coupe with a Plug-In Hybrid-drive cars such as the BMW X6 is ahead of it.

Marvel X is the name of the new SUV’s from Roewe, the Chinese Heir to the English tradition of Rover brand. And also this car, to give it also, of course, as a car with electric drive, looks now independent and grown up. It doesn’t need to hide, at first glance, in front of a Kia Sportage or a Toyota RAV-4.

China’s apparent answer to Tesla’s Model 3 is the G3 of the Start-up credit to xiaopeng: The Internet giant Foxconn and Alibaba-funded SUV drives not only electrically, and largely autonomously, but also in sales and distribution in new ways and, for example, from vending machines sold out. The Chinese play as usual, with large Numbers. Not only the range of 300 kilometers for a Compact and tidy, but also the registration target of 100,000 cars a year.

Modesty is different: another electric-Start-up from China the name “world champion” and tries his luck with a electric SUV. The EX5 has the Format of a VW Tiguan, and is available with ranges of between 300 and 460 kilometres offered – a prize of 15,000 euros.

With designers, the their spores at Porsche have earned, wants to Enovate from Shanghai as another Start-Up to the Chinese charging stations to establish. About as big as a Mercedes GLC and 435 HP strong, this is to ME7 next spring to go on sale.

What is EQ for Mercedes and ID for VW, the Ora for the Chinese volume manufacturer, Great Wall – a dedicated electric brand. The first car of the new subsidiary is the IQ, a literally oblique CrossOver, not a 15,000 Euro costs, has a range of more than 300 km, and 150 km/h.

In the sign of the dragon-fly building Quiantu the electric super sports car, the K50, it’s casual with Porsche and co. can accommodate – however, only when you Design. Because the technical data are not quite so promising: 4.6 seconds from 0 to 100 and to 200 km/h top, the Chinese and the promise of a range of 380 kilometres.

And a Start-Up current: Neta is one of the youngest brands in China. She already has a small electric car with 260 kilometres of range at the Start and surprised in Guangzhou with the study 03, the cars like a Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf, pretty boring look. And if you can Believe the people on the Stand, the cool Stromer fairly exactly in a series.

Western manufacturers trying to compete in China with own electric cars, as well as it goes. The Baojun E200 is the answer to the electric Smart – only that the General Motors-developed a speck in a range of about 200 miles, built on site and therefore significantly cheaper. For the previous model with only 100 miles range sold within one year more than 22,000 cars, and for the new model, according to high hopes.

As always, panting VW the Trend a little behind, even in China. Therefore, the lower Saxony for a long time the SUV Boom overslept and now a corresponding need to catch up: From six to twelve series you want to your offer until the end of the decade to expand and show in Guangzhou two novelties: Together with FAW you have the Tyron for the upper-middle class developed…

… and together with the second Joint-Venture Partner SAIC shows VW for the same Segment in a Format similar to that of the Tharu. Both cars are related to the Golf and the gap between the Tiguan and Touareg would close well, but will be offered exclusively in China.

Skoda makes its big all-terrain vehicles in China for the coupe and sold the Kodaiq there now also available as a GT. The car looks like jewelry and not only fits a market, on the now, every second recertification is an off-road vehicle, but it would also be good for some of the German dealers. However, because of Skoda in Europe comes with the production of the conventional model, is excluded.

The impressive model range with cars like the Geely Battle in the style of a VW T-Roc shows What the Chinese are raising there, at least, is solid and has the makings of the power structure to change in the car world.

And when it comes to Plug-In Hybrids and electric cars, China is hardly a something: Not only that in China, more battery cars will be sold than in the Rest of the world. In the people’s Republic, there are more manufacturers and more models than anywhere else – and to each fair a hand full of new.

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