Cities reject automated hunting on diesel sinners

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The Federal government wants to legalize the automatic license plate check, in order for municipalities to be able to enforce diesel driving bans. Several of the affected cities about nothing.

Tuesday, 20.11.2018
11:41 PM

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In the control of diesel driving the alignment of the affected cities, prohibited, so far, no automated number plate recognition. The Federal government had brought in the beginning of November, a law on the way, on the basis of Inspections with cameras. The draft is coming soon in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

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High Exhaust Pollution:
In these cities, the Diesel will apply discounts

You see, such a control practice “from a data protection point of view, currently considered to be disproportionate,” said the city of Frankfurt am Main on request. A spokesman for the state interior Ministry in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, which is also for the police in Stuttgart, responsible, language of constitutional concerns.

Random checks in Hamburg

Courts in Germany are increasingly diesel driving bans for the 2019 – most recently in Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart or Frankfurt. In Hamburg, there are already closures, they do not affect sections only two and not a large area.

In the Hanseatic city vigilante a sample of the documents of the vehicle check, an automated number plate recognition on a large scale is not planned there. Also in Berlin, only restrictions on individual roads are first provided.


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