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For many people, vehicles, relationship boxes. Margret my press reported formative experiences with mobile classics. This time: Why a young woman is so attached to a Golden Vespa.


Claudia Feldmann

Margret My Cover

Margret My Cover

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    Saturday, 20.10.2018
    At 20:11

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    He discovered the Golden Vespa in the classifieds. His wife took him from Bremen to Syke, she wanted to stay, but he sent you to shop. He wanted to make the business alone.

    He paid, sat down on the seat and started the engine. It was his first ride on the Golden Vespa, his first ride a scooter at all. In the second curve, he slipped and fell. Scarring on the legs, scratches on the Golden plate. He stumbled into a phone booth, shouting on the answering machine, his wife had him in Syke alone. Frustrated and he rollerte drenched home, slammed the Vespa in the Garage and they paid tribute to week, none look. Actually, he didn’t want to go. She was dangerous.

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      Oldtimer drivers have (almost) all have something in common, found Margret my cover at work as a motor journalist: The love of the old sheet metal was already in the Childhood, often influenced by the parents.

      In the case of my cover, it was no different. Your car Macke was developed in the mother’s womb during a Tour with the Ford Bronco her father.

      From formative experiences with the first motorized love tells you on a regular basis for MIRROR ONLINE in our series “In the rear-view mirror”.

    He wanted you, but not necessarily, this Vespa PK 80, built in 1987, the year of birth of his daughter Claudia. With your golden shiny sheet metal, champagne, color code 613, she looked kind of spacey. And the fit to Horst Feldmann, who wrote at EADS Astrium programmes and modules developed for the Mars Rover “Curiosity”, the use of which he could see just on television.

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    Motor scooters with a story:
    The darn Golden Vespa

    He used his Vespa to bolt-on windscreen and rear-view mirror, mounted a large suitcase on the Luggage carrier, in which he stowed the helmet, kidney belt, and a second Pair of gloves. He repaired the scrapes and bumps of his accident and taped them with the matching gold foil. And still, he kept his innocent shiny Vespa is so dangerous that you stand most of the time in the Garage.

    To Free the beast was only allowed, if the TÜV was due

    To Free the beast was only allowed when the MOT was due. Then Horst Feldmann took a week’s time, cleaned and polished, checked Oil level and tire pressure. The neighbor called over: “Well, is’ that time again?”. In full uniform, with leather boots, kidney belt, gloves, open face helmet and Aviator glasses, launched by Horst Feldmann the engine. 5.5 HP, air-cooled, 77 km/h top.

    For a short time, the narrow was, back at the end of man as a different person. His daughter laughs. “He looked like a celebration night rocker.” He drove slowly and carefully, but he looked for freedom and speed. After passing the TÜV he banished the gilded steed back in the Garage. Now and again he had the Vespa for a half-hour to run at idle. Claudia, back in the rebellious teenage age, found the top embarrassing.

    A small dream of freedom, of adulthood

    Nevertheless, you always dreamed of driving. She remembers: “As a child, she was, for me, a toy, a Golden space-ship. Later, she was a small dream of freedom, of adulthood”.

    She is the only daughter of the Feldmans. A happy only child she was not. When she was twelve, started the problems between the parents, when she was 20 and just a training as a media designer had begun, threw her father out. He was convinced that she destroyed his marriage. A year and a half after their statement, the parents separated.

    Horst Feldmann studied Stop, in search of new friends, and most of all, he would have had a real motorcycle, not just a Golden Vespa in the Garage, which was so stubborn, and dangerous to boot. He dyed his hair black, stuffed his Levi’s 501 in calf-high rock boots, in which he couldn’t walk, and visited the hard rock nights at the legendary Aladin in Bremen, Germany. There he stood, in the “Boom”, as the Bremer, between all the real rockers, and because of the weird bird looked so lost, happy they struck up a friendship with him. “He would have had with the guys more time,” says his daughter, “he would gladly have been one of them.”

    Suddenly, the muscles failed

    But it wasn’t much time. In the fall of 2013, he had to dissolve the household of his deceased sister. He had boxes fall, stumbled down the stairs, because the muscles have failed. A few months later, the diagnosis came in: Horst Feldmann suffered from ALS, an incurable disease of the motor nervous system.

    The disease came in spurts, fast, and relentlessly. While half of the world ice water over the head tipped, and with the “Ice Bucket Challenge” attention to the awakened, came Horst Feldmann in a nursing home, a short time later he was on a palliative care unit moved. In November 2014, he pursued the second exploring journey of the Mars Rover “Curiosity” on TV. “He was bursting with Pride because he had co-developed a module for the robotic arm,” says Claudia.

    The desire, the death of it, yet continue to

    She quit her Job, did errands, took care of her father. Starting in January 2015, he was in the hospice, sat day and night in a wheelchair that he could control with a Joystick. He wanted a bed, not wanting to lie as a sick man. He wanted to remain mobile, at least a little, as if he could drive the death of it, yet. Maybe he thought once more of his Golden Vespa, to the trips to the TÜV, with leather boots, kidney belt, and Aviator sunglasses, freedom and speed.

    His daughter stayed at the hospice, spoke to him, even if he could not reciprocate. If you left the room, she told him where they were and when they would come back. Claudia is struggling with the tears. “I know, it was the 25. January, Sunday Evening, The Scene Of The Crime Time. I was an hour alone with him, have been talking to me all of the soul. Then I went to the door and said ‘bye, dad'”. Ten minutes later, he was dead. Horst Feldmann was 69 years old. His friends from the Aladin came to the funeral.

    The Golden beast to tame at last

    Claudia Feldmann, 30, now lives together with her fiance on a large plot of land in Helvesiek between Hamburg and Bremen. The Golden Vespa of her father cowers in a large barn, between an Opel Rekord C Coupé, Ford Taunus sedan, and an old IHC McCormick. The scooter starts right up and rumbles a reminder to the other in the fresh summer air.

    Claudia has just as much respect for the Vespa as her father. You want to turn a few laps, on the seat, starts the engine. It is your first time to travel with the Golden Vespa, your first trip with a scooter at all. She slips, falls, as the dad, only scar has not. Claudia does not give up so quickly. Come the end of the year you want to make your motorcycle license, and the Golden beast to finally tame.

    They also have poignant memories of a certain motorbike or car? Then you can write to us at [email protected]

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