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As the first mass brand to a compact brings Kia hatchback coupe on the market. Originally on the country popular, to appeal to the car now, fashion-conscious driver – the effect is sometimes awkward.



By Michael Specht

Thursday, 13.09.2018
At 15:49

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The first impression:
Kia’s can be cool, too. How it looks when Koreans discover the Lifestyle, the manufacturer already last year at the trade fair IAA in Frankfurt. At the fire red study Proceed is the Designer for the series vehicle, that is, ProCeed.

Says the manufacturer: of Course, also have the Marketing strategists of Kia noticed that in the Golf class, the interest in three-door derivatives rapidly. The customers know about disadvantages such as a narrow entry to the rear seat and wide doors, which abut in the Open quickly even against the neighboring car. Functionality fails in this vehicle’s size so clearly supposed to be the sportier Design. So the idea came up, instead of a three-door Ceed-coupe a so-called Shooting Brake on the wheels, a mix of coupe and station wagon with a typical hatchback. Mercedes makes the A-class series at the CLA already. True Shooting Brakes, originally in England as a hunting vehicle in the country, although only three doors, but no manufacturer takes the today.

Photo gallery

Kia ProCeed GT:
A half-sedan, half-coupe

The we noticed: With the Ceed wagon, sport wagon called, shares of the ProCeed of the technical base. Both stand on a common platform, the wheelbase of 2.65 metres, it unites. However, the ProCeed is 43 mm flat and five millimetres longer than the sedan, which makes him a bit stockier on its wheels. When looking at the rear, you will feel to the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo recalls. More and more manufacturers (Mercedes, Audi) will come suddenly, with continuous light band between the tail lights. Behind the tailgate of the ProCeed offers amazing 594 liters trunk, almost 100 litres more than the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake. In this case, both cars are almost the same size. Even a Skoda Octavia Combi has less trunk space.

The back seat of the series backrest in a ratio of 40:20:40 split. There are even load rails, on which the Eyelets for securing Luggage back and forth, and an electric loading door. A precise value for the maximum load volume Kia does not reveal yet, but estimated it at around 1600 litres – and thus something less than in the case of a combination. What disturbs, is the edge of the load. Drinks crates have to be lifted over this approximately four-inch-high edge.

The Cockpit of the normal Ceed, leaving behind a solid and quite high-quality impression. In the ProCeed GT, our test car, you missed the interior in addition to a race-track Look, with decorative elements in metal-optics, double contrast stitching, flattened bottom steering Wheel, embroidered GT characters in the sport seat as well as metal covers on the pedals.

The front is no lack of space, in the back, however, it is for adults, a bit tight. The footwell is tight, the knee-bumping to lean against the seat in front of you.

The need to know: As a GT is to ProCeed only with the strongest motorization available, the 1.6-litre direct-injection unit with 204 HP. So the car is naturally fast, especially since the four-cylinder sends its torque already at 1500 rpm into the gearbox. Because the model has not yet been certified as final, that makes Kia, no consumption information. You are likely to be according to the standard at about 6.5 l/100 km, more or less at eight. The tuning of the car is sporty and firm; finally, the test drives took place on the Nürburgring. You realize the ProCeed that he was there and adapted and developed in Germany. The same applies to the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. It is the first for Kia at all, but costs as compared to the manual six-speed circuit charge.

The one who comes in life without a top of the range, can order the ProCeed with a smaller four-cylinder gasoline engine (120 and 140 PS), or even as a Diesel (136 HP). The latter is considered to be extremely economical, and to consume according to the standard of only four liters. Price should be based on the station wagon, and a few thousand euros as a Lifestyle Supplement pack. As a GT, the ProCeed is expected to cost around 35,000 euros.

With the Shooting Brake Kia is expanding its compact family to three models. A fourth is in sight. Which should be next year. However, if the manufacturer wants to increase sales in Europe from now, a year around 70,000 by 2020 to over 100,000, the only with a Crossover or SUV, the vehicle category, which is booming currently. Not least, the Kia see-strategists, the success of Volkswagen at the moment, the T-Roc.

We will not forget: The small switch on the center console marked “Sport”. He is depressed, try two sound flaps in the exhaust to give the driving pleasure is also acoustically by the corresponding Note. But this is a bit embarrassing. But many customers seem to have the necessary, otherwise it would not give the switch.

Vehicle registration certificate


ProCeed GT

Shooting Brake


7-Speed Dual-Clutch


1.591 ccm

204 PS

265 Nm

From 0 to 100:
7.0 s

Maximum speed:
230 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
6.5 litres

CO2 emissions:
150 g/km

594 litre

1,600 litres

1,500 kg

4,065 / 1,800 /1,422 m

35,000 EUR

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