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Dornier Do 228 NG for up to 19 passengers
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The Swiss company Ruag Aviation in upper plane Pfaffenhofen produced with two propeller turbines. Do 228 NG the machine for up to 19 passengers.

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          In Germany, large aircraft will be manufactured – Yes, of course, the Airbus series A318 to A321 in Hamburg. But passenger aircraft in Bavaria? On the small special airport in Oberpfaffenhofen, close to the Starnberger see? There’s no. S there is but. Because the Swiss company Ruag Aviation produces at this airport a plane with two propeller turbines. Do 228 NG the machine for up to 19 passengers means that the NG means New Generation. And the Do stands for Dornier, the Dornier GmbH, as well as the resulting Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH, Oberpfaffenhofen built since 1981, 228 also, at the airport top. The production, however, was a witness in 1998 to around 270 aircraft in favor of the more unsuccessful projects, Do-328 and Do-728 set. Now a newly built Ruag has delivered the Do 228 NG to the airline Aurigny of the channel Islands.

          Its versatility has made the Do 228 in the 80s is legendary, therefore, the machine is produced on license at the Hindustan Aeronautics in India. She flies as a passenger aircraft, freighter, environmental monitoring, or border control. Since 2009, the Swiss Ruag Aviation, a subsidiary of the Swiss technology group Ruag Holding AG, the rights and the approval to build the machine under the name of 228 NG. Structural parts for these aircraft will be delivered from India by Hindustan. The cell remains quasi unchanged, but the avionics in the Cockpit is modified for the present claims of the pilots.

          Therefore, a so-called glass cockpit is installed. Instead of as before in a myriad of small instruments and gauges, take a look, see the two pilots today on four indicators that Show all the important data, such as flight attitude, altitude, speed, heading and engine data virtually. New five-blade propeller and a more powerful Version of the Garrett TPE-331 engine for the short takeoff distances of around 600 meters and landing distances under 500 meters. A maximum of 19 guests fit in Ruag Do 228 NG, for 20, passport, a flight attendant on Board required, which would increase the cost of operation would be to operate.

          By their retractable landing gear, the 228 NG is about 420 km/h travel speed fast. The airline Guernsey’s Airline Aurigny has already four Do 228 in the fleet, including two of Ruag’s newly built copies. The most recent machine was delivery in mid-September due to fix quality problems at the cell with a significant delay compared to the original date passed.

          These aircraft replaced the several decades in service of the machines of the type Britten-Norman Islander and Trislander with Aurigny, and also short take-off capable aircraft, which were, however, driven by in each case two or three piston engines instead of propeller turbines. The four Do 228 and 228 NG connect the front of France, opposite the channel Islands of Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney with each other.

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          Even on the notorious airfield of Lukla in Nepal, with its short slopes in the high mountains starts and ends up the Do 228 without complaint. The landing is especially challenging, because the steep mountain in an emergency, not to start, and the Start-up is more reminiscent of the jump from a ski jump. The can-in addition to the 228 otherwise, only the robust Turboprop Twins type Dehavilland Twin Otter from Canada or the Czech Let 410.

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