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Ironically, the Federal motor transport authority advertised at 1.5 million Diesel-vehicle owners for the purchase of new cars – contact details for the manufacturer were noted in the letterhead. The action pushes a lot of criticism.

The verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) has criticized the Federal motor transport authority (KBA) due to the advertising letter to 1.5 million diesel holder.

The evidence of so-called exchange of the actions of the German car manufacturers were “the necessary distance from the industry miss” and showed “no solutions for a lot of driving on prohibited endangered consumers”, complained about the vzbv-Board Klaus Müller in Berlin on Wednesday.

Controversial letter from the Federal motor transport

The Flensburg-based authority do “again, not a good figure, in the exhaust gas scandal”. The KBA is expected to be Concerned with neutral information, when it makes sense to swap his car or wait for the Hardware upgrade. A Hotline of the authority, to consumers with questions, was long overdue. Ironically, in the letter head of the KBA-letter are specified instead, the contact information of BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen.

“The Letter from the KBA for Information purposes,” defended the Federal motor transport authority the letter on demand from SPIEGEL ONLINE. The authority had only mentioned those manufacturers in particular who have confirmed their participation in the so-called exchange action binding.

These companies want to holders to grant old diesel cars in regions with high air pollution discounts on new cars if you give your old car in payment. Market experts criticize that the discounts do not, or hardly, would already exceed the usual discounts in many cases. In fact, it was a government stimulus program for the scandal-ridden industry.

Ministry of transport defends letter

Also, the Ministry of transport in Berlin, does not find the letter reprehensible: “The criticism is not comprehensible.” With the Letter from the KBA to inform holder, was approved on a vehicle that did not meet the latest exhaust emission standard is equivalent to and a replacement would do.

The KBA had sent the letters in November. Who’ll take the exchange premium, groin “an effective and significant contribution to the reduction of vehicle emissions and improve air quality in our cities”, – said in the Letter.


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