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E-scooters or Skateboards to bring the users of fun – and the police problems. Because most of these micro models are banned in the road traffic regulation. SPIEGEL ONLINE has tested three of them.



By Michail Hengstenberg, and Margret Hucko

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Michail Hengstenberg

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Friday, 15.06.2018
At 04:24

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Skateboard riders are often young, like cool – and, in General, not criminals. But who is an electrical variant of this sports equipment, on-the-go, you run the risk of the police as a Criminal to be treated. In the road traffic Skateboards with E-Motor are prohibited. Depending on the state, the guardians of law and order crackdown hard.

Last summer a man in Berlin had to know suffering fully. At the Brandenburg gate, the bike squadron of police stopped him and confiscated his Longboard with E-Motor. Subsequently, the officers posted a photo of the Corpus Delicti in the case of Facebook with the line “Electronic Longboard – a very short period of fun”. Shortly before Christmas, officials, parents warn now regularly before that, to put their children hover boards or comparable E-Mobile under the Christmas Tree. In official tone as it was a party drug.

What is allowed to ensure in the backyard for unadulterated fun, it can develop on the road, indeed, a fiasco.

The Federal Ministry of transport is not opposed to electric micro-vehicles categorically

Under current law, most of the “electric means of transport for the close range are classified” such as E-scooters or hoverboards due to their engine as a motor vehicle. A prerequisite for the Cause that a Car-driver’s license, registration and insurance, however, there are not. Other than Segways, in recent years its own class of vehicle was created, power assisted scooters, Skateboards, or mono wheels are usually not assigned to an existing subject to approval, vehicle. A driver is caught on a public road, he must repent, according to ADAC, with a money, a point in Flensburg and a criminal count. It comes to an accident are the sole responsibility of the driver for property damage and personal injury.

Transport policy Matthias Gastel, member of the Bundestag from the Alliance 90/The Greens, calls on the Federal government, the E-dwarfs in the transport permit: “The use of E-micro vehicles needs to be legalized under the clear provisions in Terms of safety both for the Users as well as for other road users,” he said on request. Gastel had to start in 2017, with other members of his group, a small question on the topic in the Bundestag.

From his point of view, the innovative E offer-small vehicles, many advantages – not only as Fun companions in leisure time. It could facilitate the way to and from the S-Bahn or U-Bahn and so increase the attractiveness of the transport. Provided that the security right.

Controversial devices in the Test

Even the conservative-led Federal Ministry of transport rejected the E-vehicles to Take, not on principle. In 2014, it commissioned the Federal highway research Institute (BASt) with a test. So far without public result.

SPIEGEL ONLINE has tested a small selection of the controversial devices.

The just portable E-Scooter



What is it? An electrified Mini-scooter.

How cool it looks? Mini-scooter, the kick boards have emerged, they saw never really casual. What may also be due to the fact that the Mini-scooter will be used, except by young children, preferably of suit-makers as a Last-Mile transport. An eye-catcher is the brake light, this electric Mini scooter is integrated in the mudguard of the rear wheel, and lights up automatically when you step on it.

How do you drive it? Not so exhilarating. The electric motor is pretty loud, but it produces a noise that sounds like old age is weak, E-wheelchair, after a brisk scamper. Really quickly you will not more in addition, also in the sports of the two driving modes. In addition, the performance of the engine is already in the lightest of inclines and also at a sufficiently charged battery pack in the knee on a drive home from the office to home we have not dared to us there in the first place.

How well it fits in Bus and train? Here comes the Scooter to be more leisurely state of mind. In principle it is possible to scooters with the compact device directly into the rail. Folding of the Scooter can also be, but then you would have to wear it and a lightweight he is not.

The most important technical data in brief: The electric motor makes 300 watts, the battery has a capacity of 4400 mAh. The maximum speed is according to the manufacturer, at 20 km/h, the range at 20 km. The Scooter weighs 12 kilograms and can carry people with a maximum weight of 100 kilograms. Price: SRP 599 Euro to buy in online retailers for just under 400 euros.

The electric unicycle



What is it? The Solowheel is an electric unicycle and a “Must-have” for all who suffer, to little attention. The changes abruptly with the commencement of the journey.

Cool or not? It depends on the skill status. Who rises for the first Time on a solo wheel, should be resistant to shame and pitying looks. After three hours, the worst is done practise, and you will feel able to compete with the Flamingos, as far as the attitude. Three hours more and to dance with the solo wheel Flamenco. Yes, it is learnable.

How do you drive it? The first wobbly, then almost by itself. Is controlled, the solo wheel on the Body angle. You want to pick up the pace, must put the body slightly to the front, brake works, accordingly, different. A real challenge is the Rise. First you set foot on the surface, while the other remains on the ground. With the leg on the footrest, to build a counter-pressure, so you can more easily jump up. Descend, is similarly challenging: hands on the handle in the middle and one foot after the other to settle. Don’t forward jump, then the wheel accelerated in may.

How well it fits in Bus and train? The solo wheel is not greater than a heavier weight plate, and would therefore, even in the Tokyo subway still find a place. However, the E tempted-mobile with a weight of eleven kilograms, not just to drag it for miles. So: short of the rail to wear, and then as quickly as possible ascend.

The most important technical data in brief: 1500-Watt Motor with a rechargeable battery. Battery life is approx. one hour, range of eight to 16 kilometres, max. Speed 16 km/h, weight: around 11-12 kg, maximum weight: 113 kilos, price: about 1300 Euro.

Where is the remote? The Skateboard



What is it? An electrified Skateboard. There are already a few, most of the offerings are rather made versions with belt drive in China. The Mellow Board, which is produced in Germany, sitting axis, the electric motors directly in the roles of the drive and be controlled with a sliding remote control.

How cool it looks? It depends on whether you previously Longboard you could drive or not. Skill surf do a short adjustment with the remote control casual the Endless Ride on the sidewalk. Beginners choose the appropriate mode and learn the Longboard in doubt, take it faster with the drive than without. What two groups of users are guaranteed to bring astonished looks from passers-by: relaxed uphill, to push without. Coolness Factor 3000!

How do you drive it? Fascinating. Hardly a Skater loves the Push (a Push), with the Mellow Board, it only needs a small initial push (to the Board under the feet wegsaust), then you can continue without interruption until the battery is all. Casual also the braking by regenerative braking, but in the great the driving experience is most. From relaxed to so committed that the wind is blowing into your face, the speed will vary. It almost feels as you are floating with the Snowboard a fresh snow-covered deep-snow slope.

How well it fits in Bus and train? Bad. This is (besides the price) is the only drawback. The Mellow Boards supplied Decks are typical Longboards and accordingly long. However, even if one combines the battery/drive unit with a shorter Board or a Flex deck (which is easily possible), although it is not as bulky, but still heavy. So there is No comparison with a folding bike, but, somehow, in contradiction to the otherwise slightly lilting product feeling.

The most important technical data in brief: 2 electric motors, each with a 1000 Watt supply, 3 NM of torque and accelerate the Mellow Board to up to 40 Km/h. Two different brake systems to ensure delay, even during a longer downhill stretch. Weight: 3.9 pounds (for drive unit), 15 km range, charging time 3.5 hours price: 1799 euros.

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