Countries defend themselves against Scheuers scolding

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With the accusation that local authorities are due to incorrect set Up of measurement stations are co-responsible for possible bans, had the Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer, led to some discontent. Now countries have to submit his Thesis.

In the debate on the upcoming diesel driving bans ministries departments in the länder concerned against criticism from Berlin in the placement of the measuring points. So was the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) argues, close to junctions positioned plants led to an excess in the measured values for nitrogen dioxide. In contrast, the Green-led transport Ministry of the country of Baden-Württemberg in a written statement: “the areas around intersections are often relatively wide and well-aired.”

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Therefore, the distance existed arrangements for the measuring stations, especially, “to ensure that small loads can be measured”. Measurements from Hesse to confirm the findings. There, the opposition FDP asked in Parliament, the exact location and measurements of all locations. Result: Up to a Station, “the Ministry of the relevant EU requirements to meet these, according to hessischem economy”. Only the Station at the Wiesbadener ring Church, which is too close to the intersection, was supplemented by a further Station on the edge of a road, in order to win additional readings.

Surprising finding: the edge of The road, the air is charged, on average, higher than at the intersection.

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